How to See When Your Epic Games Account Was Made

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Are you a Fortnite player? If so, how long have you played this game? You may not know when you start playing this game and you want to know when your Epic Games account was made. You are able to know about it even whether you are a senior player or junior player by following the steps that we will show to you.

Then, why do you want to know when you made Epic Games account? You surely have your own reason. You may want to know about it because you want to know how long you have been a player in Fortnite. Or, you may have another reason. Well, if you want to know when your Epic Games account was made, you have to check it on your email.

The very first thing to know when your Epic Games was made is that you have to go over to your internet and access your Gmail or whatever email that you use for making Epic Games account. On Gmail, you have to login by entering your email and password. And, when you are in your gmail, you have to type ‘Epic Games’ in the search box in the Inbox page. Then, you are able to scroll down to find email from Epic Games. If you have scrolled down and you cannot find it, you can go to another page which means that you made the Epic Games longer than you think. Then, when you are in the next page, you can scroll down again and find Epic Games. Make sure that email from Epic Games that you look for is email about creating account.

So, if you have scroll down and then you find an email from Epic Games which says ‘Your Epic Games Account Has Been Created’, it means that it is the time when you created the Epic Games account. So, you are able to see the date of the email. If you want to know more the content of the email, you are able to click on it to read the whole email from Epic Games about confirming that your account has been created.

In the email of confirmation that your Epic Games account was made, it is stated that you have successfully created an Epic Games account. Then, they also say thank you for signing up. In addition, they stated in the email that for security purposes, they need you to verify your email address before continuing on their platform or you could copy and paste the provided link there into your browser.

Well, it is very easy to check when your Epic Games was made. You are able to follow the steps that we have told above. If your friends also want to know how to check their time to make their Epic Games account, you are able to inform this way to them or you are able to give the link of this article to them so that they will read this.

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