How to Throw Thor’s Hammer in Fortnite Mobile

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Thor’s Hammer in Fortnite is such a desirable weapon that every player wants to have it. But, talking about Thor’s hammer is a bit unclear and a cryptic topic. Why?

However, if you are veteran Fortnite player, you may already know about the first time Thor’s hammer landed in Fortnite. At the time, Thor’s hammer was not a Fortnite weapon. It just has landed in a location in Fortnite.

After Thor’s hammer landed in Fortnite, of course, the players should find the hammer. Well, the exact location of Thor’s hammer is in a crater due to North of Weeping Woods and West of the Authority. Formerly, when you successfully find Thor’s hammer, certainly you cannot do much with it. Your task is just to find Thor’s hammer without any actions you can do.

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Now, Thor’s weapon is available in Fortnite with the name of Thor’s Stormbreaker not Thor’s Hammer. So, this is what we meant that Thor’s Hammer is a bit ambiguous. But, most Fortnite players suppose that the Thor’s Stormbreaker is Thor’s hammer because the utility of both is totally the same.

Wel, whatever the term refers to Thor’s hammer is not a bit important at all. There are more essential things that you need to do with it.

How to Throw Thor’s Hammer in Fortnite?

In this chance, we will show you a guide of how to throw Thor’s hammer in Fortnite mobile. But, we cannot guarantee that this way will be suitable for you. However, to throw Thor’s hammer is also related to your skill in using any Fortnite weapons.

Well, we have some ways to throw Thor’s Hammer explained in the below!

  • First, make sure that you already have Thor’s hammer in your locker.
  • Then, play Fortnite to use the hammer.
  • When you are at the game, you need to open the HUD layout to hold out the tool. On the HUD layout, you can find the weapons.
  • After that, choose Thor’s hammer and bring it down.
  • Then, press Apply wherever you want to put.
  • Next, you need to open the HUD layout tool again and get a throwing icon. Then, move the cursor. Click Apply.
  • Well, see you can throw Thor’s Hammer to break anything in the game.
  • Finally, throwing Thor’s hammer in the game is totally successful.

Well, if you want to get the tutorial of throwing Thor’s Hammer clearly, of course you can watch any videos shown below!

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