How to Trade Fortnite Accounts

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You may want to trade your Fortnite account whether selling it or buying it. Usually, we are able to see people selling accounts in some websites such as Player Auctions, in a forum, discord and some other platforms. So, how to trade our Fortnite account?

If we want to trade it, you have to know how worth your Fortnite account is so that other people will be attracted to buy it. Usually, in the description of the selling page when you sell it, you will describe the things that available in the account such as skins, V-Bucks, and some other things. Then, you are able to set the suitable price for the account that you will sell.

As mentioned above that one of the sites for trading Fortnite account is Player Auctions site. If you want to sell your account in this site, here are the steps that you have to do.

  • First, you have to access Player Auction site at
  • Then, in the homepage of the site, you have to click on How to Sell button in the top right of the screen.
  • Click on Start Selling For Free button and you will be required to Login. You can login with your Google account of Facebook account if you have not had account at Player Auctions.
  • Then, you will be brought to a Registration page where you have to fill the form including your Username, First Name, Last Name, Address, City, Zip Code, Country, Phone Number, and PIN Code.
  • After that, you can click on Start Trading button under the form.

You are also able to trade your account in a forum. You are able to offer the account that you want to sell by mentioning the things which are available in the account and also do not forget to put your contact so that the buyer can contact you easily if they are interested in buying your Fortnite account.

However, do you know that trading Fortnite account is prohibited? Even though there are some platforms and forums which provide you a place for trading Fortnite accounts, but actually trading Fortnite account is prohibited. You are able to read about it in the Terms a of Service in Epic Games site and also in the Fortnite End User License Agreement. There, it is stated that you are not able to sell, modify, copy, and some other things about Fortnite. Selling account is one of the actions which are mentioned there and it is prohibited to do by everyone. In the agreement, it is stated that the owner of the account is the one who can access the account which means that it cannot be transferred or sell to another person.

So, you are not able to trade Fortnite account since it is actually prohibited by Epic Games. If you insist on trading it, you may be able to be punished by Epic Games such as being banned. So, it is better for you to obey the rules of Epic Games to make sure that you will be safe.

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