How to Turn Off Skill Based Matchmaking Fortnite Chapter 2

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As we have known that the gorgeous feature has arrive in Fortnite. For some time ago, Epic Games has announced the latest feature was coming to help players to have battle. Of course, this was welcomed by every Fortnite players. Unfortunately, some Fortnite players also complain for this feature. So, what is the Pros and Cons and how to turn off skill based Matchmaking feature in Chapter 2?

In fact, Chapter 2 has been an unmitigated success for Epic Games in the terms of reigniting the passion among the player base. Unfortunately, there is one issue which has caused debate among the Fortnite players. That’s skill based Matchmaking or often called SBMM. Why?

Since the Fortnite players will have a skill rating depending on the gameplay, the stats and matches. Of course, it pushes the players to have a higher skill in certain range. For example, 100 players will be gathered in a same skill level. Certainly, it sounds like a fair deal, but, there will be the positives and negatives things to a skill-based Matchmaking feature.

As the launch of Matchmaking feature, there are many advantages both of new players and pro players. For new player, this feature will have a better experience with the game. In this case, for new players and unskilled players will not have a same trial as the expert Fortnite players have. When they are coming to the Fortnite, they will be greeted by bots and also the players who have not a high skill at all.

For pro Fortnite player, the Matchmaking feature can be a way to increase their skill in having a battle. They will face the players with same skill. So, they will learn a different play style that other players do. Of course, it can be a great challenge for you.

Meanwhile, the negative thing that you have causing by Matchmaking feature is to show the players who have a same skill is just a bit at all. Most of Fortnite players have a medium level. So, to make the higher and lower level to join can be a bit population at all.

Then, how to turn off skill based Matchmaking Fortnite in Chapter 2? To turn off it, definitely not all platforms can do it. If you are on the Switch and PC player, you are out of luck. In this case, for PC player, there is not information explaining the way in turning off the skill based Matchmaking. But, if you want to look for the information by yourself, it is really recommended for you.

But, if you are on the PS4 and Xbox One, you can totally turn off the skill based Matchmaking. Here are the ways:

  • For PS4 players: Go to Settings, click Control Options, Scroll down to set Allow Cross Platfrom Parties to Off.
  • For Xbox One Players: Go to the Settings, click Account, Select Privacy & Online Safety, click Xbox Live Privacy, then, choose View Details and Customize, last click Block Matchmaking Outside Xbox Live.

Well, those are the information that you get in how to turn off skill based Matchmaking Fortnite in Chapter 2.

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