How to Turn on the Radio in Fortnite Cars

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In fact, Epic Games always keep updating to add new awesome features to Fortnite. However, many latest features added to Fortnite work to make the performance of Fortnite getting better. Of course, it is no wonder if you often find something new with gorgeous work in Fortnite.

Recently, Epic Games has added the radio to the cars. It surely makes the players really amazed with it. Finally, they are able to listen to the radio while they are traveling.

Unfortunately, not all Fortnite players really understand how to get it on the car. Indeed, the radio added to the cars can be mentioned as the recent features in Fortnite. So, it is totally normal if many Fortnite players do not know the ways of how to get it.

Why did Epic Games add radio to the cars in Fortnite?

As the hottest games in the world, of course the developers of Fortnite, Epic Games do not want to make the players get bored of playing Fortnite. For that reason why Epic Games keep giving any breakthrough to Fortnite to make the player still cozy playing Fortnite.

When the players are driving the Fortnite cars in silence, of course, it seems not to be interesting to do. As we know in real life, driving a car is funnier while listening to the music or radio as well. So as with Fortnite, Epic Games totally want to give happiness to the players by adding the radio to Fortnite.

To get this new feature of Fortnite, you have to spare your memory around 2.3 GB on PC. Radio station is the first another new addition added to Fortnite which you can switch on or off from within a car. But, at the moment, just one station available on radio to be a mix of in-game music available in Fortnite Party Royale.

Then, do you know how to turn on the Radio in Fortnite cars?

That’s a general problem experienced by most Fortnite players. It means that just a few Fortnite players really understand to turn on the radio in the car. Even though turning on the radio in a Fortnite car is a really easy way to do it.

When you discover a car in Fortnite, you can totally enter it and drive around. Once the players enter a Fortnite car, of course the car controls will pop up on the left side of the screen in their entirety. After that, you can honk the horn. Then, listen to different radio stations that you can choose.

The car’s control definitely will appear soon when you enter the Fortnite car. Then, the radio apps automatically can be turned on.

Besides, when you enter a Fortnite car, the list of cars’ controls will guide you on how to drive the car well, how to switch seat positions, how to honk, and how to turn on or off the radio.

In this case, you can totally turn on the radio after you enter a Fortnite car and drive it away.

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