How to Unlock the Prisoner Skin Stages in Fortnite

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Getting the Prisoner Skin by completing the challenges, definitely it really desire for every Fortnite player. Certainly, to complete the challenges, you should unlock the stage and get the Prisoner Skin. Then, what make you so interested to get Prisoner Skin?

As we know that Prisoner Skin is one of gorgeous Fortnite outfit that will make your character inviting and enchanting look. The Prisoner Skin is an Outfit that can be got as a reward for completing 60 Battle Pass Challenge of Season 7. This outfit is completed by Padlock Back Bling as a bundle. The Prisoner outfit is editable style that can be unlocked by finding and using the certain items over the map.

Need to know that Prisoner Skin has editable style with chains and locks which is taken off and fire igniting in it. Those styles of Prisoner Skin can be unlocked by finding keys around the map of Battle Royale. Indeed, it is no wonder if most of Fortnite players really want to get this Prisoner Skin for their character.

Of course, to get this Prisoner Skin, you have to complete the challenges from this season. If you are successful to finish at least 60 weekly challenges, automatically, you will receive the Legendary Prisoner Skin. But, you can get a few different variants which can unlock by completing an additional set of hidden tasks.

Then, in Season 7, you have to complete the Prisoner challenges. This game challenge is not totally clear for the tasks, but it is really easy enough after you know where to look for. Furthermore, there are three additional variants for the Prisoner on top. The skin has to be unlocked in a specific order as well.

This challenge will not inform you where to go or what you have to do of unlocking them. But, the game includes the equipping skin, then visiting the specific areas of the island and to interact with certain objects inside.

Then, do you already know how to unlock the Prisoner Skin stages on Fortnite? Of course, it needs your skill to unlock the second stage of Prisoner skin. To unlock all stages, you have to do some ways, they are:

To unlock 2nd Stages

  • Step 1: First step, you need to go to the castle a top Polar Peak.
  • Step 2: Then, land at the top of Polar Peak.
  • Step 3: Do to begin of a match and make your way inside to the top floor. This place is to find a room furnished with bookcases, tables and also a fireplace.
  • Step 4: In this step, you have to look for the key that can be found on the far of the table. Then, interact with it.
  • Step 5: By doing those ways, of course, you will be able to unlock the second stage.

To Unlock 3rd Stage

  • Step 1: Make your way to the desert on the other side of the island. A top of the mountain north of Paradise Palms will be campfire.
  • Step 2: Give the light and you can unlock the third Prisoner variant.

To Unlock Final Stage

  • Step 1: You have to go to the northeastern corner of the map, toward to the mountain north of Wailing Woods.
  • Step 2: You can find a stone pedestal of sorts ringedy by a circle of torches.
  • Step 3: After you unlock the stages 2 and 3, you can step in the center of the ring.
  • Step 4: Automatically, the torches will ignite, then, you success to unlock the final Prisoner variant.

Do those ways to unlock Prisoner Skin in every stage. Good Luck, Dude!!!

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