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In Fortnite Battle Royale, Overtime Challenge have been released in the past and if it has been completed, it gives you with new styles for three skins which are available in the seasons Battle Pass. Now, in this season, there is Remedy vs Toxin skin styles and if you want to unlock the styles, you must be at Tier 40 of this seasons Battle Pass.

In the Remedy Vs Toxin mission challenges, there are a lot of objectives that you have to complete. Here they are.

  • You have to reach Battle Pass Tier 40 (40).
  • You need to complete Remedy vs Toxin Mission Objectives (9).
  • You have to visit different food truck (3).
  • You have to earn Silver Survivor Medals (3).
  • You have to do SMG Eliminations (3).
  • You must looking for chests at Landmarks (7).
  • You must reach 100 of both Health and Shield in different matches (3).
  • In a single match, you have to deal damage with a Uncommon, Common and Rare weapon (3).
  • You must deal damage to enemy structures (2,500).
  • You have to visit different bus stops in a single match (3).
  • Weapon Specialist Accolades must be obtained and you have to do that by dealing damage with weapons (5).
  • You must be the first to catch a fish, ¬†first to get an Elimination or first to land from the Battlebus (1).

How To Be Able To Unlock Purple Style and Toxin Style?

If you want to be able to unlock Purple Style, you have to complete nine of the missions above. If you are able to complete all of other challenges, you will be awarded 52,000 XP and it will help you to complete the Battle Pass for this season if you have not done it.

To be able to unlock Toxin style, you have to complete all of the missions and then you will be able to head to get Toxin Styles. You have to be able to heal any of your teammates by using Bandage Bazooka. They also have to be able to execute this healing process by wearing Remedy skin.

About Remedy Vs Toxin Skin

Remedy vs Toxin skin is a skin in Fortnite from the Bad Medicine set. This skin is categorized into a Rare skin and it was available in the Battle Pass during Season 11 . It was able to be unlocked at Tier 40. This is a female skin and in Chapter 2: Season 1 Overtime Challenges, Remedy got a purple style version. The official description of this skin is “Take your medicine”.

The purple style of this skin features black pants with purple color in some parts of it. She wears black cap, gloves and also black mask. She also wears black jacket with purple t-shirt in it.

The Toxin style of this skin has light green hair. She wears black suit with green color in some parts of the suit. She also wears a sunglasses and in both of her knee, she wears knee pads.

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