How to Win Money in Fortnite Tournaments

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The best thing of Fortnite is payments. Everyone likes to play in events such as the Fortnite World Cup and Trios Cash Cup. The method to success is fueled by the lucrative prize pool. Clearly, every player wants to prove themselves, but i seems like the dollar signs indicate the popularity of those events.

Each week of World Cup Qualifiers had $1 million in prizes available. As for the last two weeks, it had double the amount. Apparently, the first trios tournament called Trios Cash Cup, is seeing a $1 million global prize pool.

How to win money in Fortnite tournaments? The first requirement is a player must be eligible to participate in the events. The most important thing is to be at least 13 years old. The player also needs to place high enough within a tournament. Actually, the placement required to earn money varies by event and region. The bigger populations of the region the bigger prize pool.

After competing in a certain event and places in a prized position, the players should provide Epic Games with the payment information. In the past, the system got through Epic Games and PayPal. In this era, the developer of Fortnite called Epic Games partners with Hyperwaller, the name of a PayPal company, to handle all payments. As for the events prior to the World Cup, the players must go through the old process. Either way, all of them will get the email from Epic Games asking to verify the account and player information. Then, Epic Games Will request to provide player contact and tax information. After that, the player will get the email from Hyperwallet. If adverse to submitting information through email, the competitors may provide Epic Games the contact info at the location and Hyperwallet info at the location.

For your information, using the thing called Hyperwallet should accelerate the payments. The company works to help businesses provide mass payouts. It is stated that Epic Games has a plan to continue to host tournaments. It is true that payouts for the tournaments can be complicated due to the variety of ages, payment methods, locations, and tax laws. The good thing is Epic Games works with Hyperwallet that reaffirms to players that the commitment of the company is to competitions.

Joining the Fortnite tournament is not the only way to make money. Some of the other alternatives are live streaming Fortnite, starting a Fortnite Youtube channel, making and selling Fortnite props, being a Fortnite tutor, making and selling Fortnite T-shirts, teaching Fortnite dance lessons, selling Fortnite wins, building Fortnite players up and selling them, getting involved in E-sports, and many more. You are allowed to try any method to get money playing Fortnite. For those pro players, then joining the Fortnite tournament can be a good start to win money. If you do not think you are a pro, do not worry as you have a time to practice and join the next tournament.

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