In Relatively Recent Times, Ninja Decided to Move to a New Platform. Which Platform is It?

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Are you familiar with the name of Ninja Fortnite? We guess that you really know him well, especially for you who are a veteran Fortnite player. So, why does Ninja influence in Fortnite and what does he do on Fortnite? Ok… to know more about him, it is so better for you to keep staying on this page!

On Fortnite, a guy named Ninja has become popular. Due to his professional play on Fortnite, he is also well-known as the best competitive Fortnite player for a decade. So, it is no wonder if most of Fortnite players really recognize well for him.

Fortnite become an online game platform that has bring him to be a best Fortnite player. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is his full name which was born on June 5, 1991. On Fortnite, he is better known as Ninja. The existence of Ninja really help to make Fortnite more popular from the previous.

During playing Fortnite, he always share his gameplay on Twitch. He regularly stream for his Fortnite play on this platform. For this case, Ninja is popular as the streamer on Twitch. On the other hand, for him, Twitch has become the useful platform that makes him so kindly to share his gameplay on Fortnite.

But, recently, a latest news is coming for him related to the platform that he use for streaming on Fortnite. The news told that Ninja will be moving to a new platform for his streaming on Fortnite.

Talking about a new platform that Ninja has decided, certainly it will be related to a new hottest platform as the competitor of Microsoft. So surprisingly, Ninja as best competitive player who rose to fame on Amazon’s live-streaming platform, he will be moving to a new exclusive Microsoft’s rival platform. That’s called Mixer platform.

Furthermore, the Mixer company and Microsoft are in competition with each other concerning ideas and also innovation. Mixer is owned by Amazon which is designed for live streaming and communication.

Mixer is also like Twitch in which this platform is suitably used for pro esports players, verified creator, gaming streamer and amateur streamers too. Need to know that Mixer is totally far behind Twitch and YouTube Gaming in the term of live stream viewership and membership. But, this platform has grow so fast in recent quarters.

As data shown, the hours watched on Mixer has surged for about 357%. It becomes about 119 milion hours watch, year over year, up from 32% in Q1 per Newzoo data. Even if the growth fast, Mixer is dwarfed by Twitch which is touted for 2.7 billion hours streamed.

Why does Ninja move to a new platform? The reason why Ninja moves to Mixer because of some factors. The main sticking points is about contract with Twitch in which it will limit Ninja’s licensing deal, which he has worked so hard to reach the highest place. Besides, Twitch makes Ninja’s chatroom becoming a pretty toxic, so, his wife really want to press the reset button on Twitch.

Those are some of reason why Ninja moves to Mixer platform and left Twitch. So, if you are a Ninja’s fans, follow him on Mixer now.

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