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Do you want to have Inferno bundle? You may really want to have this pack since you think that this pack is cool. If so, you have to read this article until the end since we will give you information about this bundle.

The Inferno challenge pack of Fortnite is now available worldwide. Previously, this pack was being leaked in the v8.30 update. The pack was available in Asia in advance and now it is available worldwide.

What You Will Get In This Inferno Pack?

What are included in the Inferno challenge bundle? You will get an Inferno skin and a wrap and also a pickaxe which are able to be unlocked if you are able to complete the challenge. Also, you will get 1,000 V-Bucks if you can complete the challenge. Here are the details of each cosmetics in this Inferno Bundle.

  • Inferno Skin

This skin is a Legendary skin in Fortnite. This skin is a cash shop skin that will set you back $19.99 USD. If you have this skin, you will get a set of challenges that you are able to complete to unlock 1,000 V-Bucks, a pickaxe, and a wrap.

  • Crimson Scythe

This is a harvesting tool in this set and this tool is categorized into a Rare cosmetic. The official description of this harvesting tool is “See red.” This harvesting tool has dark orange color but it is black in its handle.

  • Infernal

This is a wrap in this set and the rarity of this wrap is Uncommon. It was released on May 1st, 2019 and it can be bought in the Item Shop for 300 V-Bucks when it is listed there. The official description of this wrap is “Show your style”. When this article was being created, this item was last seen in the Item Shop on July 1st, 2019.

  • Burnmark

This is a wrap in Inferno Set of Fortnite and the rarity of this wrap is Uncommon. This wrap is apart of the Inferno skin pack. It also does not look similar then when it was originally leaked but it has been changed in the development process.

  • Heat

This is a loading screen in the Inferno set and the rarity of this loading screen is Uncommon. This loading screen was available via the Battle Pass during Season 9 and it was able to be unlocked at Tier 80.

Price Of Inferno Pack

How is the price of this Inferno bundle? For your information, this pack has similar price as the Fallen Love Ranger challenge pack. Here are the detail of prices of this Inferno Bundle.

  • £15.99 (GBP)
  • $19.99 (USD)
  • $29.95 (AUD)
  • $31.95 (NZD)
  • €19.99 (EUR)

Well, you are able to get this bundle if it is still available. If when you check it and then you realize that it is not available anymore, you are able to wait for other awesome packs which will be released by Epic Games. As we know that so far Fortnite has awesome packs so that if you do not miss them, you have to be up to date to the information about it.

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