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Infinity Blade refers to the weapon that you have to find in any location in Fortnite. Meanwhile, the Infinity skin refers to an Epic Fortnite skin as a part of the Star Walker set. So, is there any relationship between Infinity Blade and Infinity Skin? Check it out here!

If you are coming to this page to know the facts about Infinity Blade, you are certainly at the right page now. Well, in this chance, we are going to focus on explaining the Infinity Blade, not Infinity Skin.

What is Infinity Blade?

The Infinity Blade was well-known as a Mythic melee weapon that you can find in Fortnite Battle Royale. The weapon was stuck in a stone and required five seconds to withdraw.

The function of the Infinity Blade is to destroy buildings easily, give wielders 200 HP and shields and eliminate people with ease. Moreover, this weapon also makes your jumps higher and movement speed faster. But, sometimes, this Infinity Blade is not available in Fortnite Battle Royale, it can still be used in Creative mode.

How to Use the Infinity Blade in Fortnite?

Generally, the Infinity Blade is pretty simple to use in Fortnite. Of course, to use it, at least you have to know the function of this sword first. Once you know its function, you certainly will use this sword as well as possible. To use it, first, when you attempt to pick it out of the pedestal, it will take around 3-5 seconds to pull it out of the stone.

After you can pull it out, you will automatically get 200 shield and 200 HP. In addition, you also have to drop any weapons or ammon you are carrying immediately.

When you have Infinity Blade, you will slowly regenerate health and the shields by 1 HP per second. In this case, you will get an instant burst of 50 health or shield when you eliminate an enemy. However, your movement speed will be increased by 30% while it is already equipped.

Then, if you grab the Infinity Blade after someone else has already taken it out of the stone, you surely will not get full health and shield instantly. Instead, you will be given double what you already have. If you have 50 HP and 50 Shield, it will be doubled to 100 HP and 100 shield. Then, if you already have 100/100, you automatically will get 200/200.

Where to Find Infinity Blade

If you really want to test the power of the Infinity Blade, of course you have to find it. To get it, you definitely need to head to the Polar Peak. However, it is a new area of interest adeed in the Season 7 patch. Many players are under pressure to get here. Of course, we recommend you to land here and unless you know you will get it first.

Infinity Blade Damage Stats

The primary swing of the Infinity Blade does 75 damage per hit. While, the secondary Jumping attack does 25 damage.
Note: There is only one Infinity Blade that you can find in this location.

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