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If you want to make your character look great and gorgeous, definitely you should try choosing this awesome Fortnite skin right now. However, this skin will present your character getting more mesmerizing look. Choosing this skin for your Fortnite character is totally recommended for you.

In fact, many Fortnite players really desire to choose this skin for their character. As you can see on the picture below in which this Fortnite skin provides an enchanting and attractive side even used by your Fortnite character.

On Fortnite, there are tons of awesome skins that you can choose either female or male look. Certainly, each visual has the uniqueness and its own interest. So, either choosing female look or male look definitely is not totally wrong for you.

Then, in this article, we are going to share one of gorgeous female skins that will attract many Fortnite players to buy this skin. Certainly, this skin is much sought after by many Fortnite players because having more visually beautiful look.

This awesome skin comes with inviting female look which is popular as the rare skin on Fortnite. The name of this skin is Insight that is available for the players in the game of Fortnite Battle Royale. The Insight skin is definitely the female countertop of Longshot avatar skin.

Need to know that this Insight skin just changes the appearance of the player look, not for altering or affecting the gameplay of Fortnite.

The Insight skin comes with a special soldier that wears a dark-colored suit. She is wearing a black mask with the spec-ops goggles. She is also covered by an urban blue camouflage hood. Unlike the Longshot male skin, this skin was designed as a covert recon unit in mind.

This Insight skin was given the black style in the 12.50 Fortnite patch notes. The skin has target in sight to reach the goal especially when having battle.

This Insight skin was released on December 15, 2018 and last seen on May 12, 2020. It was involved as the rare skin on Fortnite with the type of Outfit. Definitely, if you want to have this Insight skin, you should spend for about 1,200 v-bucks. The Insight skin is available on the Fortnite shop.

As we have explained above, this skin is involved as the rare skin. So, if the skin appears in the Item Shop, of course, you have to buy this skin fast when it’s in diary rotation in Shop.

So, choose this female skin to make you so proud with being able to perfectly hide and deliver shots with long distance.

On this skin, there are four cosmetics items as the part of Ranged Recon Set. They are:

  • Scope Satchel is the rare Fortnite back bling items.
  • Longshot is the name of rare avatar skin.
  • Sight Sling is the rare of back bling attached in Insight skin.
  • Insight is the rare female skin that is available to the players.

Of course, the attachment items will be obtained with the skin when you purchase it.

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