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Do you still remember the Intel Cup in Fortnite? Yeah… A tournament which was held on June 27, 2020 at 6:00 PM EST was definitely still the players’ vibes. However, the Intel Cup was a Fortnite tournament which collaborated with Intel Corporation. Even though the tournament was over but a flashback to recognize about it is not wrong at all.

You probably didn’t follow the Intel Cup news because of any factors. But that’s not a big problem for you, remembering there would be the Fortnite data miners which gave you more information about this tournament. So, let’s find out more about the Intel Fortnite Cup!

Intel Cup Fortnite Tournament

Who’s the winner of the Intel Cup?

You may wonder who the winner of the Intel Cup which earned for the $4,200. Regardless the Intel Cup is Trios tournament, of course there would be three players in a team who won this tournament. Who were they?

Congratulations to Khanada, Bucke Dan Kreo as the Intel Cup winner!

TSM Khanada, BBG Kreo and Bucke generated 129 points over eight matches and won the Victory Royale. In total, these three NA Eastern phenomena made up 51 eliminations. Winners took home $ 4.2K USD, and three Intel NUC computers for their winning bid. Khanada, Kreo and Bucke proved themselves to be NA East’s best trio with their first tournament win.

How about Bugha, as the Fortnite World Cup winner?

World Cup Champion Fortnite Bugha along with teammates Avery and Jamper took second place in the Elite Cup. With 122 eyes, Bugha and the company barely managed to win. Bugha at first struggled to find troops, but the dynamics between Avery and Jamper seemed triumphant.

Assault Degen and Iciev team up with the E11 daxor on a third attempt. Chapter 2 – Season 2 FNCS champions Zayt and Saf with Liquid STRETCH take fourth place in the championship. UnknownxArmy joined Accuser and Mikey for seventh place.

Here’s the current Standings list:

Rank Team Points
1 u noon Khanada BuckeFPS bgg the kre 129
2 Bugha Jamper ψ Avery ψ 122
3 Assault Degen E11 daxor Assault Iciev 112
4 NRG Zayt Safaroonie -a- Liquid STRETCH 107
5 Colazo TabzG Grandma eh 30 89
6 smqcked ψ Playboi illest casqer 85
7 Prosecutor Mikey. UnknownxArmy1 83
8 Pure Ved The Big Nani lil baby ganzo 73

Prize Pool Breakdown

Here’s the prize pool of the Intel Cup:

  • 1st Place: $4200
  • 2nd Place: $2000
  • 3rd Place: $1200
  • 4th Place: $800
  • 5th Place: $600
  • 6th Place: $450
  • 7th Place: $300
  • 8th Place: $200
  • 9th Place: $150
  • 10th Place: $100

With Bonus: 3 Intel NUC PCs

For the team with the Best Average placement throughout the event.

  • Open Qualifier:

Top 132 teams advance to the splitted heats of 4.

  • ‍Day 2 (Intel Elite Cup Format)

Top 8 teams from each heats advance to the finals.

  • Day 3 (Intel Elite Cup Format)

Top 8 advance to the Intel NUC Elite cup grand finals.

What did happen in the Intel Cup?

The drama happened to the Tfue team and Zayt team. In this case, Tfue, not guilty and Scoped make the executive decision to get involved in the clash at Catty Corner with Zayt, Saf and STRETCH. The first of the two trios won only nine eyes and could not be continued after two battles because the “typical rules” were in effect. Zayt cast a shadow on Tfue and the company with a post-match tweet.

As the competition starts to develop, Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 3 is gearing up to be one of the better competition seasons in a while. Let’s hope the players stay motivated and Epic sticks to their problems. The best trio will develop over time.

About the Intel Fortnite Cup

The Intel Cup is Trios tournament which was held on June 27 at 6:00 PM EST. This event is the first trios cup for NA East which produced the attractive things to talk.

The competitive Fortnite premier Practice Server held the first-ever Intel NUC Elite Cup for the NA East and NA West trio. This tournament definitely presented some popular Fortnite players including Bugha as the Fortnite World Cup winner, UnknownxArmy, Tfue, Clix and many more. The practice Server also showed the Open Qualifiers, which will pit lesser known players against some of Fortnite’s best teams.

The Elite Cup scoring system is different from most tournaments in the past. This time, placement points started at the remaining 15 trios. A “special rule” also applies, which eliminates the trio of lowest scores after the first two games. Unsurprisingly, one of NA East’s top teams escaped with a win after eight intense matches.

More Recent Fortnite Tournament

Here’s the recent Fortnite tournament:

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Alaman FastCup Fortnite #6 86 123 13.11.20
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Alaman #StayHome 3 Fortnite 86 451 23.10.20 – 01.11.20
Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2 Season 4 24.09.20 – 01.11.20
Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2 Season 4 Console/Mobile 24.09.20 – 01.11.20
Alaman FastCup Fortnite #5 $229 52 74 28.10.20
Alaman National Fortnite $3 936 97 438 16.10.20 – 22.10.20
DreamHack Open October 2020: Europe 19.10.20 – 22.10.20
Box Fight Championship Season 2 Week 3 $5 000 67 992 131 922 21.10.20
DreamHack Open October 2020: NA East 12.10.20 – 15.10.20
Alaman FastCup Fortnite #4 $210 78 232 15.10.20
Box Fight Championship Season 2 Week 2 $5 000 59 142 168 172 14.10.20
DreamHack Open October 2020: NA West 05.10.20 – 08.10.20
Ninja Battles #6 $80 000 160 019 421 153 06.10.20
Platform Cash Cup – PC: Chapter 2 Season 4 14.09.20 – 05.10.20
Platform Cash Cup – Console: Chapter 2 Season 4 14.09.20 – 05.10.20
Ninja Battles #5 $80 000 131 197 373 313 03.10.20
Chipotle Challenger Series 2020 $50 000 125 414 353 827 01.10.20
Box Fight Championship Season 2 Week 1 $5 000 48 306 121 298 28.09.20 – 29.09.20
Ninja Battles #4 $80 000 157 622 449 764 21.09.20

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