Investigate Mysterious Claw Marks All Locations – Fortnite (Week 1 Wolverine Challenge)

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What’s new in Fortnite Season 4?
Is there any excellent challenge that the player should complete in this season?
If so, what makes this challenge so reliable to complete?

As a veteran Fortnite player, you may already recognize that Epic Games always regularly offers any great challenges to the players. Almost every season released, it definitely will be followed by the challenges within. So, it does not wonder if Fortnite always has any challenges to complete.

Then, Fortnite Season 4 has begun and the players should be ready to complete the challenges. Well, what is the challenge that you have to complete in this season?

To investigate claw marks in Weeping Woods becomes one of the challenges offered in Fortnite Season 4 Week 1. Of course, there are many kinds of new challenges that will come to this season including a set of Wolverine Challenges.

This challenge may allow the players to unlock his outfit from the battle pass. Moreover, this challenge will come out one week at a time that leads up to the skin’s release on September 30, 2020.

Like many challenges before that allowed the players to find the location, this challenge also requires the players to find Claw Marks locations. It means that completing this challenge will be successful if you find all of the locations of Claw Marks.

Wolverine’s Claw Marks definitely can be found in any order, but you will be better if you start off with eastern-most location in Weeping Woods.

Well, to help your investigation, it is totally worth it if you explore Weeping Woods out. However, there is an important clue that confirms that all the aforementioned Claw Marks can be found in any Weeping Woods area. But, if you get lost, you will make your way around that Pol, then, you must have any issue finding the marks as you’re seeking.

All Location of Mysterious Claw Marks

But, it is easier when we list the Claw Marks all locations. Of course, you will remember where the location to investigate Wolverine’s Claw Marks in this challenge. So, here is a list of all location to find Claw Marks:

Claw Mark: Location 1

This is the first location to find Claw Mark. It is located in the southeast section of the Weeping Woods. Well, in this location, you will find a trailer park. Then, you will find that this trailer has Claw Marks on its side. So, you will find the mysterious Claw Marks on the side of a trailer.

Claw Mark: Location 2

The second location of the mysterious Claw Mark is just south of the first location. In this location, you just need to go to the nearby bathroom building. Then, you will find some Claw Marks on the stall.

Claw Mark: Location 3

Then, you totally can find a third mysterious Claw Mark at the shack on a hill in the southern section of the Pol. Then, you can get the Claw Mark on the rock next to the shack.

Claw Mark: Location 4

A fourth mysterious Claw Mark can be found at the little pond towards the center of Weeping Woods. Well, the Claw Mark can be seen on a rock. So, you just visit three out of four of these locations.

Well, those are all locations of Claw Marks that you have to visit in completing the Wolverine’s challenges.

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