Is Apex Better Than Fortnite?

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Fortnite is one of the popular Epic games of all time. We all know that. But, recently there is another game called Apex Legends came out and made many Fortnite fans switch sides. So, which game is better? Do you think that Apex Legends better than Fortnite? If you are a player of Apex, you may will think that Apex Legends better than Fortnite.

We get information that there are some reasons why Apex Legends is better than Fortnite. To find out those reasons, just look at the text below.


If you are a player of Fortnite, of course you know that Fortnite has a cartoonish nature and extravagant stylization, where the sniper in a dinosaur onesie is a totally normal thing and that is very cool. But, you have to know that Apex Legends went for a much realistic style. If you like realism more, so this Battle Royale game is perfect for you.


Lots of players are going to love the fact that Apex Legends has no building system. If you are a player of Fortnite, you may know that Turbo building in Fortnite is able to block the rain of bullets from a minigun. The macro player is able to easily trap an enemy in the box full of spikes, running out of building materials in the middle of fight means death. While Apex Legends, it does not have it, only a super fast and fluent movement system.


Apex Legends is a first-person shooter. While Fortnite has a third-person perspective. Of course, both of these have their own pros and cons. For this case, the choice fully relies on your own preference.


In Apex Legends, you are able to hold down the “use” button to pick item up that creates it very easy to loot and quickly upgrade your gear. Even, every attachment you pick up gets attached to the weapon.  While Fortnite does not have any of these features. In Fortnite, there are no smart inventory and loot system.


In Apex Legends, each character has its own backstory (A story of their own relationships and their own personalities). They also can talk to each other in-game that creates the team more dynamic. While in Fortnite, the characters do not have their own personalities. We think that this is very fun.


You have to know that Apex Legends has a great respawn mechanic. If you look at your teammate downing, just scoop up their banner and get them to a respawn point.


ADS or Aim Down Sights means that if you hold down your right click or left trigger, most shooter games provide you very high accuracy, but decreased mobility. In Apex’ ADS mode, your bullets are going to go dead center to your reticle, although with several recoil as you shoot. In Fornite’s ADS mode, you are going to get all of it. Reduced mobility, recoil, and blooms that really frustrates many players.

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