Is Apex the Next Fortnite?

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Is Apex Legends the next Fortnite? You may open this page because you want to find out the information about that. Recently, there are many people who talking about this. Well, let us talking about that here.

We get information that Apex Legends is not the next Fortnite. This should be obvious to anyone who has played both Fortnite and Apex games. Fortnite has been popular in the world for more than year. According to the research, Apex Legends is published by the publicly traded company. It is unlike Fortnite. We are going to remind you again that Apex Legends is not the next Fortnite. Even, Epic Games CEO also says Apex Legends has not made a dent in Fortnite. For those who are curious about this, now you have known the answer about that.

Now, you may want to know some information regarding Apex Legends.


Apex legends is the game in the Battle Royale genre. For your information, Apex Legends developed by Californian studio Respawn Entertainment. We get information that Apex Legends popularized by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Fortnite. On the game, the players are dropped on to the large island where the players have to search for the weapons and supplies before they are engaging in deadly combat with each other. For the last player who still stay, become the winner.


Based on the research, Developer Respawn Entertainment was built by Vince Zampella and Jason West. For your information, they are who previously ran Infinity Ward (The studio behind groundbreaking multiplayer shooter Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare). The environment of Apex Legends combines high tech installations with the villages, swamps, and craggy mountain passes. Respawn said that it had tried adding these to Apex Legends but they had unbalanced the game. It is possible they are going to appear in a later update.


We are able to see that Apex Legends is so popular. There are some reasons that make it so popular. Same with Fortnite, Apex Legends is also free to download on PC/Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. So, it is very easy to get hold of. There are many people who like playing the games of Apex because this reason. Aside from that, Apex Legends also has a feature that very interesting. There are many characters and stylish weapons as well technologies. Therefore perfectly targeted at the players who feel that they have outgrown the cartoonish look and feel of Fortnite.


The game of Apex Legends is free to download and play. So, you do not need to spend your money. Same with Fortnite game, there are in-game purchases available. The players of Apex are able to buy Apex Coins. For your information, 1,000 coins cost £7.99. Then, allow them to buy special weapon designs, locked characters, or Apex Packs, which cost 100 Apex Coins and contain three random items.

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