Is the Deadfire Skin Rare?

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If you go to the Fortnite Item Shop today, you will find the skin named Deadfire. You may not have the Deadfire skin in your locker and want to add it into. But you are curious what  the rarity of this skin is, aren’t you? Do you think that the Deadfire is a Rare skin in Fortnite?

We guess that you want to know whether the Deadfire skin is involved as the Rare skin or no. If so, let’s find out the facts about the Deadfire skin below!

Is the Deadfire Skin Rare?

Is the Deadfire Skin Rare?

In Fortnite, you actually will find the skin Rarity which Epic Games use to enter a skin into a certain category. One of the skin Rarity which makes the players so hard to find is the Rare skin. Rare skin means a skin which has not been in the shop for a year.

Then, is the Deadfire skin Rare? Of course, the answer is big NO. If you often access the Fortnite Tracker, you definitely will get the real answer. Well, the Deadfire is not a Rare skin in Fortnite as the skin has appeared in the Item shop for 3 times in 2020, 3 times in 2019 and 3 times in 2018. It means that the Deadfire skin has appeared in the Item shop about 3 times in each year.

Of course, the Deadfire is not categorized as the Rare skin as we’ve explained that the Rare skin means a skin which appears in the Item shop for a year. The Deadfire skin has been available in the shop 3 times in one year. The point is, the Deadfire is not a Rare skin. So, what is the rarity of the Dead fire skin?

The Rarity of the Deadfire Skin

The Deadfire is a Legendary Rarity skin in Fortnite which is part of the Western Wilds Set. This skin is the primary legendary skin in celebrating Fortnitemares for 2018. The Deadfire skin can be obtained in Fortnite Battle Royale. But this skin is just to change the appearance of your avatar which does not have any added function or benefit except for aesthetic.

The Deadfire skin comes with an undead ghostly cowboy with blue skin completed by the glowing green eyes. The skin initially presents a brown cowboy suit. But for the later, this skin will feature a dark green cowboy coat with purple details and decals with brownish bandolier and belt after slaying a lot of enemies on a match.

This skin also has a green and purple cowboy hat which sends out an eerie greenish flame aura all over his body. If you buy this skin, you surely will get the Shackled Stone back bling hanging on its back as the part of this outfit. For more information, this is a reactive skin which can activate after killing a certain number of players during a match. After you activated the green spectral flames, it automatically will begin showing on the players’ skin.

Here’s the detail for the Deadfire skin

  • The Deadfire skin was released on October 24th, 2018.
  • The Deadfire skin was last seen on November 18th, 2020.
  • The Deadfire is involved as the Legendary skin rarity.
  • The Deadfire is a type of Fortnite Outfit.
  • The Deadfire skin costs 2,000 V-Bucks.
  • The Deadire skin can be obtained in Fortnite Item Shop.
  • The ID of the Deadfire skin is CID_250_Athena_Commando_M_EvilCowboy.
  • The Deadfire skin is categorized as Halloween, Holidays, Male, Reactive.

How to Get the Deadfire Skin?

Due to the Deadfire skin is a shop item, so to get this skin, you definitely have to make a purchase to buy this skin from the item shop. You may also wonder how much the Deadfire skin is. Of course, you can get this skin by spending about 2,000 V-Bucks.

Today, the Deadfire skin is available in the Fortnite Item shop. If you really want to have this skin, you surely can buy it now from the shop. If you do not buy it today, we cannot guarantee when it will return to the shop if tomorrow the Deadfire skin disappears.

Because the Fortnite item will return on average every 150 days and is likely to be in the item shop around April 17, 2021. That’s so far enough, isn’t? Better for you to buy the Deadfire skin today when you still have a chance to get it.

Shackled Stone, Deadfire Back Bling

If you buy the Deadfire skin, you automatically will get the Deadfire back bling named Shackled Stone. It is a Legendary Fortnite Back Bling which was first added to the Fortnite in Chapter 1 Season 6. Here’s the detail for the Shackled Stone Back Bling:

  • The Shackled Stone Back Bling was released on October 24th, 2018.
  • The Shackled Stone Back Bling was last seen on November 18th, 2020.
  • The Shackled Stone is a Legendary Fortnite back bling.
  • The Shackled Stone is a type of Fortnite back bling.
  • The Shackled Stone Back Bling can be obtained by purchasing the Deadfire skin.
  • The ID of The Shackled Stone Back Bling is BID_137_EvilCowboy.
  • The Shackled Stone Back Bling is categorized as Halloween, Holidays.

About Western Wilds Set

The Westen Wilds Set in Fortnite includes:

For Skin

  • Calamity Skin (Battle Pass Season 6)
  • Deadfire Skin (2,000 V-Bucks)
  • Frontier Skin (1,200 V-Bucks)
  • Rio Grande (1,200 V-Bucks)

For Harvesting Tool

  • Dark Shard (1,200 V-Bucks)
  • Longhorn (800 V-Bucks)
  • Reckoning (Calamity Challenge)

For Glider

  • Covered Crusader  (Battle Pass Season 6)
  • Crossfire (Battle Pass Season 6)
  • Dark Engine (Battle Pass Season 6)

For Back Bling

  • Detonator (1,200 V-Bucks)
  • Grande Pack (1,200 V-Bucks)
  • Shackled Stone (2,000 V-Bucks)

For Spray

  • Deadfire Spray (Fortnitemares Challenges Part 2)
  • Calamity Spray (Battle Pass Season 6)

For Loading Screen

  • Calamity (Battle Pass Season 6)
  • Western Wilds Duo (Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 1)

For Contrail

  • Spectral Essence (Battle Pass Season 6)
  • Virulent Flames (Fortnitemares Challenges Part 3)

Well, those are the things that you should know for the Deadfire skin which is so reliable to have. So grab it from the Item shop today in order to have this gorgeous Fortnite skin.

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