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There are some of the best level options of Fortnite Deathrun course codes for everyone who wants to challenge themselves in the custom maps portion of the game called Fortnite. Every map maps is made to test the skill and the patience in the game. Please keep in mind that your building and shooting abilities are not going to be tested. Instead, they will test your problem solving, movement, and thinking on the fly.

One of the best deathrun codes was created by ItsFlooster. Those include Rainbow Default Deathrun (4493-1357-2023), 2020 Flash Deathrun (7343-9190-3802), Ssundee Deathrun (3017-6343-9098), Impossible Muselk Deathrun (4581-5780-2902), Floooster’s Impossible Deathrun (6135-7900-8263), DC Deathrun (9892-3029-0770). Avengers Deathrun (1005-4221-7481), 20 Level Minecraft Deathrun (9169-5157-0118), 50 Level Mario Deathrun (5078-8543-1283), The Sonic Deathrun (7088-0205-6852), 50 Level Batman Deathrun (1258-3599-1909), 150 Level Flash Deathrun (0983-3446-9295), The Flash Deathrun 2.0 (1327-9898-6370), and 100 Level Flash Deathrun (5829-8133-1511).

Is there 50 level Flash Deathrun code? The sad news is no, there is no code of 50 Level Flash Deathrun by Its Flooster. The only codes related to Flash Deathrun are the ones 100 Level and 150 Level.

Once you load up a certain game you will get the three options on what you want to play. Those are Save the World, Battle Royale, and Creative. Select Creative option and then click Play and the Launch (do not start a server). The process will take a time to load, so please be patient and do not ever think that your client has crashed. Once it has loaded, there is an Orange Rift that that will take you to the islands where you are able to create custom maps.

If you want to try some other Deathrun maps, here are some of them for you:

  1. Rainbow Deathrun (1629-5269-0418)

This one is a fun newer Deathrun with a lot of creative additions to it. the run begins off fairly easily and continues to rise up in difficult throughout the stages.

  1. Cizzorz’s Deathrun 4.0 (2778-3253-4171)

The most popular Deathrun maps that have been made are from Cizzorz. He has run some big contests with these, and created some crazy maps. All of them are really difficult, and will test you to the max. There is parkour style parts, and parts where you will be boosting for speed and frosting your feet across traps, and even parts where you will be throwing down Impulsive Grenades and landing on small platforms.

  1. Izahr’s You’re a Pro if You Beat This (8486-3297-5429)
  2. Cizzor’z Fun Run (0066-4697-7029)
  3. Billiard’s 150 Level Default Deathrun (7929-5174-1246)

For those who want a big variety of different things with many levels then this map is worth to try. In the map, you will be challenges to 150 total different challenges. All of them start off really short and relatively easy, but every challenge gets longer and the difficulty ramps up as they go along. It has has a lot of different things, including using a Driftboard and even having to use Chiller Grenades.

  1. ReelizzZ Easy Dua Deathrun (1118-4208-0867)
  2. Jesgran’s Deathrun 2.0- Most Detailed Deathrun Map Available (1103-0256-3362)

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