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As a veteran Fortnite player, you may already recognize many pro players in Fortnite. However, pro Fortnite players are so popular because they totally have many social platforms. The social platform here is usually used to stream their gameplay of Fortnite.

Then, what is your favorite pro player in Fortnite?

In Fortnite, you may know one of pro players named Jarvis Khattri. Jarvis or Jarvis Khattri is well-known as a popular streamer who was recently suspended. But, recently, his name has become popular and filled trending news related to Fortnite for some time ago.

Jarvis Khattri is one of pro-competitive Fortnite players who was born in England on November 11, 2001 (now age 18). But now, he was banned or permanently banned by Epic Game. Why was he banned?

The reason is why he was banned from Fortnite due to some issues. He used the aimbot cheat in the game in several of his videos a few days ago, Wednesday (6/11).

Launching BBC News, on Friday, 8th November 2019, in a statement, Epic Games as a Fortnite developer stated that there is no tolerance for anyone who uses cheats especially in Championship.

Epic Games added when people used aimbots or other cheats to get any profit, of course, they totally placed themselves in dangerous places. They are destroying the game for people who play honestly.

Of course, with this penalty, Khattri will certainly find it difficult to create a new account and resume being a Fortnite game player.  Indeed, it makes him feel sorry for this case.

Due to this case, it leads other pro Fortnite players to give any support for him. The player with the nickname Faze Jarvis expressed regret in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel. He totally stated that this was a big mistake and it was entirely his fault, if only he had known how bad the consequences were, he certainly would never have thought about doing it.

Then, to cheer and make Khattri rise, some of Khattri’s fans created the hashtag #FreeJarvis to provide support for the ban decision to be lifted.

Jarvis Khattri, a 17 year old professional Fortnite game well-known as Faze Jarvis on YouTube channel, always regularly creates and shares his gameplay of Fortnite. Unfortunately, he cannot do it anymore because he was banned from Fortnite for an unspecified time.

After he was banned from Fortnite, then, he totally suggested his two million YouTube subscribers to not use any cheating methods and other bad ways in Fortnite. He also warned that he could not create a new account to try and avoid punishment himself.

On the other side, Epic Games emphasized that this is a must-deed that should be taken to give punishment to anyone who uses any cheat methods in playing Fortnite. Indeed, it is a fair way that Epic Games do to give a deterrent effect to the player.

Of course, it can be a lesson for you in which you must not use any cheats or hacks to just want to  get ranks in Fortnite. Be careful!!!

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