JuJu Smith Schuster Fortnite Dance

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Who is Juju Smith? Why is he so important on Fortnite? And what make he is so popular on Fortnite? Of course, for Juju fans, you do not be doubt anymore for the popularity of Juju. But, for common people or newcomer of Fortnite do not know him well and what the influence of him on Fortnite is. Ok… To get the right answer, please keep staying on this page!

John Sherman or well-known as Juju Smith Schuster is an American football wide receiver for Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League (NFL). He ever played in college football at USC where he was a Rose Bowl Champion in his junior year, before declaring for 2017 NFL draft. For this time, he was chosen by Steeler in second round of the draft.

Knowing a bit about him, so, we can conclude that he is not Fortnite player at all. But, why many people know him in Fortnite? Certainly, it needs some other information to get the right facts about him related to Fortnite.

Then, we got some sources about him why he is so related to Fortnite. Evidently, he became popular among Fortnite players or common people because of his Fortnite dances that he did some time ago in some events. Due to the American people so maniac in Fortnite game, so, it makes him becoming the hottest guy for several times in America even abroad.

As we have known well about Fortnite dance in which it has been successful in attracting many people around the world to imitate the Fortnite dance either for fun or for challenge as well. So, it is no wonder if he became popular because of his funny Fortnite dance.

To know how Juju Smith Schuster did the Fortnite dance, definitely, you can watch it from many online canal, they are YouTube, Facebook, even his social media, Instagram. But, to make you easier finding the video, in this chance, we kindly share some links that you can access to watch him doing Fortnite dance. Here are some links:

Juju Smith Schuster Fortnite Dances

The video can be found on Facebook from Sport Illustrated Fanspage. Die to him as a football player, so, it is no strange if his dance was shared on this fanspage. The title of video is  Juju Smith Schuster Does Fortnite Dances for Kids.  In this video, he showed Hype dance and Orange Justice dance. Of course, you can watch it through this link: https://web.facebook.com/SportsIllustrated/videos/juju-smith-schuster-does-fortnite-dances-for-the-kids/10155648586461367/?_rdc=1&_rdr.

Juju Smith Schuster Does Fortnite Dance *Crazy Party* | Nick Cleveland

The second video can be found on a YouTube Channel named Nick Cleveland. In this video, Nick shared the crowd at a party that was attended by Juju. He also told that Juju is his fans. So, for that reason why he showed the video of Juju in his channel. During party, Juju was asked to do Fortnite dance, so, he kindly did it well. You can watch Juju Fortnite dance in this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVldCWhGYnU

Well, it is time for you to look for the video of Juju Smith Schuster Fortnite dance. Be stereotyped for his Fortnite dance!!!

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