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The Kingsman umbrella is not the name of Fortnite skin. It is the name of a Legendary melee weapon added to the game called Fortnite Battle Royale in Patch v12.30. This one is very unique, as you are able to use it to block bullets and negate fall damage from the high distances using it as a glider for a small amount of time before dropping again to use at the right time.

The Kingsman umbrella hits that do 50, 60, 55, 55, then 100 damage to players in a sequence of attacks. Aside from that, it is also able to be charged up to dash forward and deal 75 damage to players and 1000 damage to structures. In addition, it also deals 75 damage to any structure you swing it at. Finally, you are able to use the Kingsman umbrella as a way to avoid attacks, being able to dodge bullets in the same way as you could dodge with Lightsabers in Chapter 2 Season 1.

Kingsman Umbrella

  • Legendary rarity
  • Umbrella item that allows the user to slow descent but does not fully negate fall damage
  • Umbrella breaks when falling from high heights
  • Open the umbrella to shield attacks from the front
  • Doubles as a melee weapon; deals 50 damage a swing
  • Can be used to break structures and farm materials
  • Similar to lightsabers

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 is based on a spy theme and the addition of the Kingsman The Secret Service Umbrella proves it once again about the theme. This one is able to parry bullets, float its wearer or be used as a weapon. The weapon is more powerful than it seems.

Is it the sign of a new Fortnite x Kingsman The Secret Service crossover? You would think so after the release of update 12.30 and the Kingsman Umbrella. The new Legendary weapon called Kingsman is multifunctional. In some way, this one is similar to the Lightsaber, added a few months ago as a temporary item with Fortnite x Star Wars.

Here is the characteristic of Kingsman:

  1. Kingsman blocks bullets in front of you for a few moments. After a particular number of bullets have been hit, the umbrella retracks.
  2. Kingsman glide even over very short distances with a very low impulse.
  3. Kingsman collects materials.
  4. Kingsman attacks hand to hand, the last blow being more powerful.
  5. At the high level, Kingsman is able to be used for easier rotations.

The players will appreciate the fact that the developer of Fortnite called Epic Games has taken into account the community’s impressions of the lightsaber, to correct its omnipotence. Kingsman should be used properly as it is undeniably a strong weapon, but do not count on it to run headlong into heavily armed enemies forever.

For more information about Kingsman Fortnite, it is better for you to visit the official website of Epic Games as well as the community of Fortnite where the members of the community gathered.

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