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Another update means another week without patch notes, but it seems v12.30 has a few surprise in store for players, as two new items have been introduced. Are you curious of the two new items that have been introduced?

Continuing the spy theme of this season, Kingsman umbrella are now available as legendary items in the game. The term Kingsman in Fortnite refers to a Legendary melee weapon added to Fortnite Battle Royale in Patch v12.30. Both Rare and Epic variants are also available in Spy Games.

The weapon named Kingsman umbrella is really unique, as you are able to use it to parry bullets and negate fall damage from high distances using it as a glider, but it will close after awhile, unlike a glider.

The hits of Kingsman umbrella that do 50, 60, 55, 55, then 100 damage to players in a sequence of attacks. Also, it is able to be charged up to fast forward and deal damage to players and 1000 damage to structures. Kingsman umbrella also deals 75 damage to any structure you swing it as but it gives less materials than the pickaxes. On top of that, you are able to use the Kingsman umbrella as a method to avoid attacks, being able to dodge bullets in the same method as you could dodge with Lightsabers in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1.

You will have to seize a Kingsman brolly and protect yourself from injury on the Fortnite issue of the week. For your information, bulletproof Kingsman umbrella had been lately added to the game this week, and you will have to deflect 200 injury through the use of one. All of them are reasonably frequent drop and also you are extra prone to discover them in Henchmen areas such as The Agency or The Yatch.

Where are the locations of the Fortnite weapon called Kingsman? The players are able to discover Kingsman umbrellas in chests, significantly blue ones, although they will seem as flowing drops in Hencman areas. The good news is that you are able to even cost up an assault utilizing the umbrella in addition to defending yourself, so it is price selecting one up if you happen to discover them.

Aside from Kingsman umbrella, another noteworthly item added in the update is called the Crash Pad. This one inflates to prevent players from taking fall damage. All of them are able to be used even from great heights, making them particularly useful if you take a plunge mid-way through a build battle or if you want to get up to one.

In the other update news, there are five mysterious items appeared in the water around the Agency since the update. Some players think they look like missile launchers, something that is supported by the work of dataminers, who found they were called doomsday hatches. For more information about the new update and the location of Kingsman weapon, please visit the official website of Epic Games.

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