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Kurohomura refers to the Epic Games rarity skin in Fortnite Battle Royale. This one Battle is an unreleased skin and is yet to come to Fortnite Battle Royale. It is part of the collaboration between the Battle Breakers X Fortnite in order to promote another Epic Games game that is Battle Breakers.

Battle Breakers is the name of the new tactical role playing game developed by the developer of Fortnite named Epic Games. This one is for mobile and PC only. In the game, there is a kingdom. Before the monsters from space attacked suddenly without warning, smashing deep into the ground they trapped the world, and its heroes, in technomagic crystal, the kingdom was safe and sound. The full decision is in your hand whether to assemble the ultimate team of super warriors and take back your planet, one break at a time. If you want to defeat the monsters that have infested every corner of the kingdom, you should create a team of ninjas, mages, robots and dinosaurs, from ice sheets and lava fields to ancient forests and sheer mountains. You are able to be a master of the elements and have tsunamis, earthquakes and firestorms at your command. Aside from that, you are also able to build, fortify, and upgrade the ancient Sky Tower to strengthen your citizens and reinforce your defenses.

Battle Breakers gives the same vibe as Pokemon games, where you build your squad and face challengers in an arena to progress. This game is quite fun for a mobile game, but it is not that close to as phenomenal as Fortnite. Everyone knows that Fortnite is largest game in the world as well as a promotional thing for any other title under the Epic Games house. In this case, it would be weird to not mention Fortnite when promoting the other games owned by Epic Games.

For those who want to unlock the Kurohomura, all that you have to do is to log into Battle Breakers with the same Epic Games account that is linked to Fortnite. Once you reach level 50, you will unlock Kurohomura in Fortnite Save the World.

How is Kurohomura Fortnite voice? It is unknown what are you refer to. If you mean the voice of this character in the game, he does not speak, so no one knows his voice. We can hear the voice of the Fortnite character when the game is made into a movie. For example, there is a movie called Fortnite (2017 video game). In the movie, you will be able to hear the characters subbed by the dubbers. Here are the cast of Fortnite movie:

  1. Adria Arjona (Ramirez voice)
  2. David Boat (Kyle (voice)
  3. Ashly Burch (Ray voice)
  4. David Chen (voice)
  5. Rachel Eggleston (Mini Llama voice)
  6. Damien C. Haas (Dennis voice)
  7. Andrew Kishino (Trailblaster A.C. voice)
  8. Phil LaMarr (Ken voice)
  9. Amy Louise Pemberton (Penny voice)
  10. Eden Riegel (Jess voice)
  11. Fred Tatascoire (Lars voice)
  12. Etc.

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