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Are you ready to welcome the Fortnite Lachlan Trio Cup? Of course, you cannot be waiting for this event, can you? However, this event will be really exciting to follow. Then, when will the Lachlan Trio Cup take place? And what are the rules to follow this cup?

As we know that Epic Games always hold any Fortnite events to make the players join in the tournament. Of course, just through the tournament, the Fortnite devs are really able to evaluate the players’ skill. Without any tournament, absolutely, the players themselves will not know their abilities during playing Fortnite.

So, that’s why Epic Games regularly hold tournaments in some categories and rounds. However, the tournament can be really a parameter to rate the players’ skill.

Then, one of the Fortnite tournaments which is really a must to follow is the Lachlan Trio Cup.

The Lachy’s (or Lachlan) Trio Cup is a Fortnite tournament organized by Epic games with cooperation of the player and content creator Lachlan.

The Lachlan Trio Cup has been expanded into NAE with separate dates. There are two rounds that you can see in Lachan’s format. They are:

  • Round 1

The Round 1 has been held on June 26, 2020 (10:00 – 13:00 CEST). This first round is officially open to everyone. The top 200 teams has been forwarded to the final round (or round 2).

  • Round 2

The Round 2 has been held on June 27, 2020 (15:00 – 18:00 CEST). This second round would be played only by the qualified players from round 1.

The Points Breakdown

The Victory Royale Placement with 27 points.

  • The Reach Top 2 Placement with 22 points.
  • The Reach Top 3 Placement with 18 points.
  • The Reach Top 5 Placement with 15 points.
  • The Reach Top 10 Placement with 11 points.
  • The Reach Top 15 Placement with 8 points.
  • The Reach Top 20 Placement with 6 points.
  • The Reach Top 25 Placement with 4 points.
  • The Reach Top 30 Placement with 2 points.
  • Each Elimination Placement with 1 point.

The Rules of Lachlan Trio Cup

Of course, the rules of this event have been designed to make sure the integrity of competitive play of Fortnite in connection with the event. Absolutely, those are intended to promote a vigorous competition. The rules also help ensure which all competitive play of the game is fair, fun and free from Toxic Behaviour.

In addition, to participate in this event, each player needs to agree such the player’s parent or legal guardian to follow any rules of Lachlan Trio Cup. By participating in any game or match in this cup as the part of the event, the players absolutely have to confirm that she or he has accepted the rules.

The Prize of Lachlan Trio Cup

Note: The prizes of this event are not transferable or assignable or cannot be transferred by Winning Players. Then, non-cash prizes cannot be redeemed for cash at all.

Here are the prizes of Lachlan Trio Cup:

1st Rank: $5,000

2nd Rank: $2,500

3rd Rank: $1,000

4th Rank: $750

5th Rank: $750

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