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You totally know that Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 has been full of a plethora of Marvel characters that come to the island. Well, in this season, you are definitely allowed to complete any Marvel challenges including Wolverine challenges, Thor’s challenge, Iron Man’s challenge and many more.

In this week 4, Fortnite has an excellent challenge that the players should complete.What is the challenge?

The challenge is to launch off all Sentinel hands in which you cannot touch the ground. This challenge will take the players to another Marvel-themed location. Of course, it is a bit of a hard challenge that every player thinks about.

In Fortnite, the Sentinel Graveyard is one of the numerous Marvel locations which have been added to this season. Moreover, this location is a home to a bunch of fallen Sentinels, known as mutant-hunting characters who often face off against the X-men.

Where to Find the Sentinel Hands’ Location?

Once you know that this challenge is allowing you to launch off all Sentinel hands without touching the ground, of course you have to find the exact location where the Sentinels are. Well, the exact location of Sentinels is towards the west of Lazy Lake, and falls near the border of coordinated E5 and E6.

Instead, to ease you finding the Sentinel’s location, you absolutely can see it on the Fortnite map. Certainly, a Fortnite map will guide you to appear at any location of Fortnite island. Unfortunately, you may get a bit hard to find it because the location is pretty difficult to miss as there are a lot of large Sentinels fallen on the ground in awkward positions.

How to complete the Launch Off All Sentinel Hands’ Challenge?

At least, there are a total of six Sentinel hands that you can find in different locations. Of course, to get those Sentinel hands, you need to jump off. In this case, you do not touch the ground between jumps because it will make the challenges harder to complete.

The best way that you can do is to land on one of the Sentinel’s hands. Then, let your character slide off into the air. Well, on the way down, you are able to glide towards the next land.

The momentum and the distance between Sentinel’s hands are totally the main thing that make this challenge so hard to complete. Besides, this challenge may require two or three attempts. So, you need to be careful to ensure that you do not get caught out by an enemy.

It does not wonder if there are many Fortnite players who are looking for the tips and tricks in completing this challenge. It hopefully will help them to launch off all Sentinel’s Hands without touching the ground easily.

Keep in mind that Sentinel Graveyard is a fairly popular location this week when anyone is trying to complete this challenge. In this case, we hope that there will be many Fortnite players who want to complete the challenge of launching off all Sentinel hands that can find the location of Sentinel’s hands as quickly as possible.

If you want to know how to of launch off all Sentinel hands in detail, you also can watch a tutorial video from YouTube coming from HarryNinetyFour entitled Launch Off All Sentinel Hands Without Touching the Ground – Fortnite (Week 4 Wolverine Challenge) at

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