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When you decide to play Fortnite, it means that you should purchase the cosmetic items from the shop. Without buying the cosmetic items, you surely cannot play Fortnite well. However, in Fortnite, you must be allowed to buy any items to support your gameplay.

Since you are playing Fortnite, you may already buy the skins for many times. Of course, you will be choosing the skin based on the themes as you interest on. Mostly, Fortnite players will buy the skins as their passion. Indeed, you also have to choose the skin as gorgeous as possible.

By choosing the gorgeous one, we guess that your Fortnite character will be getting more attractive and enchanting to look. Then, to get an inviting and catchy skin in Fortnite, it is really recommended for you to explore for the skin. Doing this way is definitely needed to know whether the skin is reliable to buy or not.

Well, to explore the skin as you want to choose, you certainly will need any tools that will inform you of the fact about the skin accurately. As a veteran Fortnite player, you may be already familiar with the tool named skin tracker. In fact, almost every Fortnite player will track the skin as they will buy through the skin tracker to know the skin’s history and popularity.

As we know that on skin tracker, you will find many accurate results related to the skin. So, if you already get the best result, you can continue to make a purchase for the skin.

Now, you may want to track a skin before you buy it. In this chance, we have a Lil Whip skin tracker that probably will help you to determine if you are buying this skin. Here are the tracks of Lil Whip Skin:

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The first popular skin tracker is Through this site, you can see the result of Lil Whip skin. You can check the Lil Whip skin tracker at

Then, you can see that Lil Whip skin has 50% bought with 71 votes. Indeed, this is a very popular skin in this tracker. Through this tracker, you can also see the sale history of the Lil Whip skin that we will explain below!

8/31/2020  1,500
9/17/2019  1,500
8/19/2019  1,500
7/30/2019  1,500
7/10/2019  1,500
6/12/2019  1,500
5/8/2019  1,500
4/3/2019  1,500
4/2/2019  1,500
2/18/2019  1,500
2/17/2019  1,500


  • Using

You can also track Lil Whip skin by using This site is a bit different from You can totally see Lil whip skin in 3D visuals. However, by looking at the skin in 3D, you definitely can see the skin as clearly as possible. So, you can get any regret someday because you already see the skin in clear visuals.

At, you can find any information as follow:

  • First seen in Item Shop: February 17, 2019
  • Last seen in Item Shop: July 31, 2019
  • Ratings: 7 with 4.8 value

You totally can track Lil Whip skin at

Well, if we see the track of Lil Whip skin, of course this skin is really worthy to buy. So, if this skin appears on the shop, you have to grab it soon.

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