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Are you wondering what the streamer Liquid Poach Fortnite settings are? In this page, you will be informed about the Fortnite settings of Poach from a team called Liquid. Please read it well and feel free to copy the settings if you want.

The real name of Poach is Jake Brumleve. The American player was born on July 1, 1998. The settings and sensitivity of the professional Fortnite player named Poach are heavily reliable to the mouse, where the most crucial key-binds are bound. The player currently plays for Team Liquid and streams on the platform known as Twitch. The most interesting is that Poach plays with a stretched resolution. It means his aspect ratio is 4:3, but stretched to the default 16:9. This one is resulting in a much wider picture. Aside from that, he is also been playing Apex Legends and regularly tries the new game as they came out.

Poach Fortnite video settings

  • Window Mode: Fullscreen
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 16:9
  • Frame rate limit: 240 FPS
  • 3D Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (100%)
  • View Distance: Far
  • Shadows: Off
  • Anti-Aliasing: Off
  • Textures: Medium
  • Effects: Low
  • Post Processing: Low
  • Vsync: off
  • Motion Blur: Off
  • Show FPS: On
  • Brightness Calibration: 0.50
  • Color Blind Mode: Protanope 10

Poach Fortnite game settings

  • Mouse Sensitivity X: 0.080
  • Mouse Sensitivity Y: 0.080
  • Mouse ADS Sens: 0.500
  • Mouse Scope Sensitivity: 0.500
  • Mouse DPI: 800
  • Polling rate: 500 Hz
  • HUD Scale: 1.00

Poach Fortnite Keybinds

  • Use: E
  • Jump: Space Bar
  • Reload or Rotate: R
  • Sprint: Default
  • Crouch: Left Ctrl
  • Repair or Upgrade: G
  • Harvesting Tool: C
  • Weapon Slot 1: 2
  • Weapon Slot 2: 3
  • Weapon Slot 3: 4
  • Weapon Slot 4: 5
  • Weapon Slot 5: Z
  • Building Slot 1 (Wall): Mouse Button 5
  • Building Slot 2 (Floor): Q
  • Building Slot 3 (Stairs): Mouse Button 4
  • Building Slot 4 (Roof): V
  • Trap: T
  • Building Edit: F
  • Inventory: Tab
  • Map: H
  • Emote: B
  • Auto Run: Y
  • Push to Talk: Mouse Wheel Button

Beside the settings of Poach from Team Liquid, you might also interested in his gear and his gaming PC. Here is the details of his gear and his gaming PC.

Poach Gear

  • Monitor: Alienware AW2518H
  • Mouse: Final Mouse Ultralight 2
  • Mousepad: Steel Series QcK+
  • Keyboard: Ducky One 2 TKL
  • Headset: Hyper X Cloud Alpha

Poach Gaming PC

  • CPU: Intel Core 17-4770K
  • GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1060
  • Mainboard: Asus Maximus VI Hero
  • SSD: Samsung 960 Evo 250GB

Poach Setup

  • Microphone: Audio-Technica AT2020 USB
  • ARM: Rode PSA1
  • Webcam: Logotech HD Pro C920
  • Chair: MAXNOMIC Pro 2 Team Liquid Edition
  • Desk: Realspace Magellan Pneumatic

If you think the Fortnite settings of Poach from Team Liquid meets your taste, you can set everything the same way. If not, then you might want to check out the Fortnite settings from the other professional Fortnite players such as Ninja, Shroud, Dakotaz, KingRichard, Tfue, Stormen, Daequan, Hamlinz, Ghost Aydan, Svennoss, HighDistortion, NICKMERCS, TSM Myth, DRLupo, Grimmmz, OpscT, TimTheTatman, and many other ones. For more information about it, you are encouraged to visit the community.

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