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Teamfight Tactics is a new game mode in League of Legends (LOL) that pits you against seven opponents in a free-for-all war for supremacy. In this game, you have to build the ultimate team, power-up your forces, and then watch the battle unfold.



  • You can left-click to do things on the game.
  • You can click and drag the items to give them to the champions.
  • Just left-click on the champions to buy them from the store.
  • You can click and drag champions back to the store to sell them.
  • Click on the mini map or scoreboard to see other players’ arenas.
  • Please right-click, if you want to move your Little Legend to the location.
  • Please right-click, if you want to inspect champions and learn more about them.


  • W: You can press W while hovering over a champion.
  • E: Just press E while you hovering over a champion to sell the champion
  • 1 and 2: You can press 1 and 2 to cycle through each player’s arena.
  • Space: This bring the camera back to your Little Legend, wherever it is. Usually, it will be in your arena.


  1. Little Legend

This Little Legend is present at all times. Please, say hi!

  1. Battlefield

Where the fighting happens. Position your champions in the rows near you. Your opponent is going to arrive near the top.

  1. Bench

The purchased champions are at the Bench until you move them onto the battlefield.

  1. Store
  • You will see a random selection of champions, including duplicates, from a shared pool in the store. Duplicate champions combine to make stronger versions of that champion.
  • Lock/unlock the store: You are able to lock your store so that it will not  automatically refresh at the start of the round. Of course, this is useful if there is something you want but cannot afford right now.
  • Refresh: You can pay a little gold to refresh the champions in the store. This happens for free at the start of each round, but sometimes you will need to see more options.
  • Buy XP: You can pay gold to obtain experience points. The higher your level, so the more champions that you are able to pick.
  1. Trait Tracker

You are able to track the origin and class bonuses that your champions qualify for.

  1. Item Inventory

The items here until they are equipped to the champions. You are able to drag and drop to equip. If you sell a champion with items equipped, so the items will return here.

  1. Gold Generators

You have to know that Gold generators appear based on how much gold you already have. For your information, each generator is worth one interest gold at the start of your next turn.

  1. Scoreboard

This shows all players’ health in the game. Please, slick on players to view their arena.

  1. Stage Tracker

Records that rounds you won in the current stage, which ones you lost, and how many are left to play.

  1. Phase Tracker

This tell you which phase you are currently in and how much time is left.

  1. Opponent’s Side

When facing another player’s team, you will see their bench, item inventory, and gold generators. Besides, you will encounter their Little Legend.

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