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You may come to this page to know for Loot Fright that you probably can find in Fortnite. As we know that there are Fortnite loot crates that you can find in a lot of online stores, but there’s no Loot Fright for Fortnite. So, what is exactly the loot fright?

Loot fright successfully attracts many people around the world to buy, then unboxing it. Well, for the YouTubers, unboxing the loot fright is done for their content in their YouTube channel. They try unboxing the loot fright and share it with the viewers to make them wonder and fright with it.

Moreover, Loot Fright is a pack full of horror items that features scary movie franchises, characters and more. When you buy this pack, you will automatically get any items with scary visuals. So, to buy the loot fright, at least you will need a great guts.

Is there a Loot Fright Pack with Fortnite Items?

Until now, we cannot find the loot fright that contains the Fortnite items. Generally, the Fortnite loot crate is available in cute and catchy visuals. Of course, you can see the Fortnite loot crates in any online stores, especially Amazon.

Fortnite Loot Crates Pack

At this biggest online store, you definitely can get many loot crates with Fortnite items within. So, here are some Fortnite loot crates that you can buy at Amazon.

1-Fortnite Jumbo Llama Loot Pinata

This Fortnite loot crates includes 100 pieces with two 4-inch figures, back bling, weapons and exclusive building materials and many more. You can get Frozen Raven and Ice King with 19 points of articulation.

Price: $63.99

2-Fortnite FNT0001 Loot Chest Collectible

You can also buy the loot chest which contains all rarities of weapons and back bling for your 4″ figure. This pack includes 2 wood building materials. To use it, you can collect and connect building materials to create the structures or use the wood building materials as 4″ figures stands. It is compatible with metal and stone building material.

Price: $10.00

3-Fortnite Llama with Giddy UP

This pack features Giddy-Up with 25+ points of articulation and highly detailed decoration. In this pack, you can get 8 stone building materials that create 2 exclusive graffiti sprays. It includes 23 pieces – 9 weapons, 4 back bling and 8 exclusive building materials and a llama float that fits many 4″ Fortnite action figures.

Price: $24.99

Where to Find the Loot Fright Pack?

You may also not find the Loot Fright with Fortnite items within. So, you have to drive away your desire to get Fortnite loot fright. However, the loot fright is not available for Fortnite yet. Then, if you want to get a loot fright pack with another item, you definitely can get it at https://www.lootcrate.com/.

This shopping site definitely provides many loot frights with many themes and items within the pack. The loot that the site provides are Pop Culture Crates, Film + TV Crates, Gaming Crates and Limited Edition Crates.

But at this site, you cannot also find the Fortnite items in Loot Fright even though there are Gaming Crates available at this site. So, keep looking for the Fortnite loot fright on some online stores. Hopefully, you can find it there.

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