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Making your character have a more adorable look in Fortnite is really needed for you. Your Fortnite character will deliver such a comfortable and gorgeous thing when they come with a good-looking visual. Certainly, to make it is not hard at all. You can realize your desire to come true.

Well, in Fortnite skin, you may not be strange anymore with the name of Back Bling. Yep, this is an additional item which is usually included on a skin when you purchase it. Moreover, Back Bling is a cosmetic item that the players can use to wear and equip for Fortnite Battle Royale.

Generally, every skin comes with Back Bling. It means that you do not bother to buy the Back Bling when you already purchase a skin.

In this chance, we will take an example of Back Bling that comes from the Magnus skin. Why do we choose it?

In fact, the Magnus skin is one of Fortnite skin which is much sought after by the player. Due to this skin coming with Viking warrior costume, it totally leads the player to know more about the skin a lot.

For more information, the Magnus skin is a Legendary Fortnite skin from the Norse set. The skin was leaked at the beginning of the Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass. The Magnus skin comes with a serious bearded man with Viking warrior costume. He also features some heavy winter clothes.

Moreover, the Magnus skin can be seen in the Loading Screen Conquest by holding the Forbearer Harvesting Tool. The Magnus skin totally comes with male visual with a strong body and brave character as like a Viking warrior. Well, when you use the Magnus skin for your character, you can feel like playing Fortnite in Viking age.

When you use this Magnus skin, of course, you can play the Fortnite into the theme of Vikings which has come along with the new season. The Magnus skin totally comes with an epic Back Bling named Enduring Cape.

The Enduring Cape comes with a dirty white fur cloak to endure the harsh winter and cold environments. Generally, the Back Bling often comes in the form of capes, bags, and shields. Well, the Magnus Back Bling comes with cape for the game of Fortnite Battle Royale.

In addition, the Back Bling used in a skin does not offer any function whatsoever or any resistance. But, the Back Bling works to enchant the skin look to be more beautiful.

How to Get the Enduring Cape

The Enduring cape is a bonus Back Bling items of the Magnus skin. It means that you can obtain this Magnus skin cape by purchasing the Magnus skin first. The Magnus skin in the Item shop costs 2,000 V-Bucks during its random rotation. Noted: The Enduring cape cannot be purchased or obtained separately.

So, if you really want to have the Enduring cape of Magnus skin, make a purchase of Magnus skin when it appears in the Item shop. Grab it fast, Dude!!!

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