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When you decide to buy a Fortnite skin, you may want to have the gorgeous one. However, the skin with gorgeous visuals will be more attractive and inviting to look. So, it is so normal if you really desire to have the most attractive skin in Fortnite.

Apart from that everyone surely has their own interest even though just choosing a Fortnite skin. It means that the gorgeous skin based on your opinion is not necessarily according to others. Certainly, it is your choice to choose a Fortnite skin just depending on your passion at all.

In fact, there are tons of Fortnite skins which are available in the Item Shop. Of course, it is your job to wait for the skin as you want when it appears in its diary rotation.

While you are waiting for the skin based on your passion, why not explore the other skins that probably will make you fall in love with it.

In Fortnite, you may ever choose the Legendary skin for your character. However, the Legendary skin presents a unique side but sometimes extreme. Well, the Legendary skin is totally suitable for you who want to deliver anti-mainstream skin in Fortnite.

Then, what is the Legendary skin in Fortnite which can deliver anti-mainstream things?

You may already hear the skin named Magnus. Well, this skin is a Legendary Fortnite skin which is inspired from Viking outfit. The Magnus skin is presented by a bearded Viking Warrior with a Viking helmet and Nordic raider armor suit. This legendary skin also has some Nordic tattoos, a long yellow beard, and a fur-coated armor.

Then, which makes this skin so mesmerizing is to complete with an included fur cape back bling called Enduring Cape. So, if you really want to deliver a strong thing related to Viking warriors on the Fortnite character, of course choosing this skin is really great for you.

The Facts about Magnus Fortnite Skin

To convince you that buying this skin is so worthy for you, we also shows you some facts about this skin as follow:

  • Release Date: The Magnus skin was released on July 15th, 2018
  • Last Seen: The Magnus skin was last seen on August 24th, 2020
  • Rarity: The Magnus skin is a Legendary Fortnite skin
  • Type: The Magnus skin is a type of  Fortnite outfit
  • Availability: The Magnus skin is currently available in the Item shop
  • Categories: The Magnus skin comes with male visual.

How much does the Magnus skin cost?

After you get some facts about the Magnus skin with the gorgeous and brave visual, we guess that you are interested to get this one. Furthermore, to have this skin, you just have to spend about 2,000 V-Bucks. Well, the Magnus skin automatically will be yours.

But, you have to wait for its dairy rotation in the Item Shop, because the Magnus skin is not available today in the shop. Then, after the skin is available, you have to grab it fast because we do not know when the Magnus skin will return back to the shop.

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