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The game called Fortnite is known for its cosmetics that include Skins, Harvesting Tools, Back Bings, Gliders, and Emitos. They can either be awarded at different levels of the Battle Pass or purchased in the Fortnite Item shop.

The Fortnite Item Shop features items that are only available for a limited time and daily items that reset every 24 hours. The items sold in the shop change regularly and there is no guarantee that the items will be available in the shop again. There are a lot of different skins that the players are able to choose from and players are able to mix and match different cosmetics with the other skins to create a different look. The players are always submitting their own ideas and suggestions for new skins that should be added to Fortnite.

The good news is that a Reddit user called Maux01 has created a website where the players are able to make their own Fortnite skin. The site is named Make Fortnite In this site, players will be able to mash up parts of skins that have already been added to Fortnite to create their own editing the head, body, arms, and legs. Basically, there are four parts. The first one is top choose the head, the second one is to choose the body, the third one is to choose the legs and the fourth one is to choose the back bling. You can see the selections of the item at the left side of the screen. At the right screen, you are able to see the editing process. When you think you just make a masterpiece, you can save your creation by pressing the Disc icon.

The homepage displays the male gender. If you want to make a female Fortnite skin, please select the Female category. In this category, everything is quite complete. Each item is named. You can also choose the arms. On top of that, you can redo the thing that you just did.

Unfortunately, there are some issues with Make Fortnite as it is in early beta and some of the issues have been addressed by the creator of the website. First, alignment issues are expected. The creator is currently working on a solution to this problem. From now, overlaying some pieces is able to sometimes fix this problem. Second, this site is his development project. He is still learning so bear with him through the update process. Third, it is not currently working on mobile. He is working on a mobile version.

You are able to make your own Fortnite skins by visiting Make Fortnite but please take a not that this is a tool to create your own skins for art only and there is no way to use these skins in Fortnite. Once again, this tool is just for fun. There is no other purpose other than that, including commercial purpose. In the future, Epic Games might release the feature to make Fortnite skins by yourself.

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