Minecraft and Fortnite Popularity Scale

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Minecraft and Fortnite are the names of two of the largest and the most popular games in the world right now. both of them have building, mining, pickaxes and tons of the other players, but in a lot of ways they are all really different. So, who is more popular?

The new data from Google Trends suggests that Minecraft is on the rise and becoming more popular worldwide than the game named Fortnite Battle Royale. What does this thing mean for the title of Epic Games?

Fortnite is simply a gaming phenomenon, breaking a lot of records all over the place and attracting attention from people all over the world. The thing helps that the popular game of Epic Games is free-to-play meaning that everyone with an internet connection and gaming device is able to get their hands on it.

However, in recent weeks, the popularity of Fortnite has slowly slipped as players have vented frustrations about the new updates and weapons despite the build up to massively anticipate World Cup. In fact, the decline of Fortnite has reached such a point that the game has been overtaken on Google by another gaming phenomenon.

According to the new data from Google Trends, another gaming phenomenon called Minecraft has once again surpassed the battle royale rival as the world trend, racking up a growth for the first time since 2017. However, the thing still lags behind its huge peak from the summer of 2013, the time where it reached a trends score of 100.

However, it is such an unfortunate thing for Minecraft that the sanbox game still falls behind the battle royal title in the North American market. Fortnite holds a slender one point lead over the game despite falling off somewhat worldwide.

Once again, Fortnite is still the biggest game in the world at the moment, but it is easy to forget that one of the biggest games of all time never really went anywhere, Minecraft. And in recent months, Minecraft is looking to reclaim its popularity crown from Fortnite.

Actually, it is not really shocking, as no game is able to sustain a sky high level of popularity indefinitely and Fortnite has already done that for at least a year. The most surprising thing is not just that Fortnite is starting to taper off a bit, but that Minecraft is starting to surge.

You are able to see in the chart of Google search interest that shows the huge spikes with the game first debuted and the current position. Both of them are dead even, with Minecraft even inching ahead a bit with the last few months seeing a boost in interest for the game.

As stated before, some people think the decline of Fortnite is due to no massive changes to the game. However, Minecraft will release two new big titles. The first one is Minecraft Earth that has players building permanent Minecraft structures in the real world and Minecraft Dungeons, that debuted at E3 and looks to be Diablo-lite in Minecraft form.

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