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You may looking for the information about Minty Pickage code generator. So, you open this page. Apparently, lots of people are struggling in getting Minty Pickaxe code for free in 2020. You are lucky have come to this page because here we are going to inform you where you will be able to get the new and working Fortnite Minty Pickaxe code generator. It is going to help you get free Minty Pickaxe redeem codes in Xbox One, PS4 and iOS without doubt.

Please visit this link; for Minty Pickaxe codes 2020. You are able to get the new exclusive Minty Pickage for free in Frotnite Chapter 2. To get this Minty Picaxe, you need to go to gamestop and ask for free code. To redeem the code for the Minty Picaxe, you are able to use the code below and redeem all of those codes individually:


The Pickaxe is a tool used for gathering resources. While the pickaxe is able to be used as a weapon, it is better used to gather resources. The pickaxe is able to be evolved to be stronger in the skill tree. In Fortnite: Battle Royale, the players are able to gather resources with the Pickaxe tool. It is able to function as a weapon that deals 20 damages. One difference that the Battle Royale pickaxe has from Save The World is that the players are able to buy cosmetic harvesting tools for it. These cosmetic skins offer no advantage in gameplay. Fortnite Season 9 also has introduced dual-wielded pickaxes, a pair of small harvesting tools. As of Update 10.20, these cosmetic harvesting tools are able to be used in Fortnite: Save The World.

Generally, Harvesting tools are available either through purchase with V-Bucks or as a reward from achieving tiers of the Battle Pass. Now, you are able to try getting the Minty Pickaxe by purchasing anything Fortnite-related at your local Gamestop. A code for the Minty Pickaxe is going to print out on your receipt. Then, you are able to redeem this code in your Epic Games account to get the Fortnite item.

We remind you again that the pickaxe or well known as the Minty Pickaxe is only a cosmetic item for the Battle Royale game. You can only obtain it by purchasing officially licensed Fortnite merchandise at select retailers in the United States, Germany, France, and United Kingdom. But, for right now GameStop is the only place you are able to find it. We get information that the pickaxe leaked out a few weeks ago. The people have already visited GameStops. But, the stores were not allowed to release the codes. You may will think that most of codes to be gone, but it may be worth a trip to your local GameStop.

You should be careful of anyone who trying to hand out the codes for free or sell them online because this is usually when the scammers take advantage of unsuspecting gamers.

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