Most Games of Fortnite Win in a Row

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Fortnite is full of the best-competitive players without a doubt its prowess. Doesn’t wonder if many professional gamers finally joined to the Fortnite either  recruited directly by Epic Games or through any esports organization.

To be labeled as the best player of Fortnite at least you have to win the Fortnite Cup either Solo or Duos in a row. Then, you wonder who the most Fortnite player wins in a Row. Let’s find out below!

Most Games of Fortnite Win in a Row

In the Fortnite Championship, you may recognize this kind of competition including Solo, Duos and Squad. Certainly, to be part of the Fortnite Championship, at least the participants need to choose what kind of the Fortnite competition that they want to follow. However, it can be a reference in what slot they can win the competition.

Well, the most games of Fortnite win in a Row is in Duos. Then, the players who bear as the most games of Fortnite win in a row is Ninja. As a Fortnite lover, you may already recognize Ninja, may not you?

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is better known as the number one game streamer than the professional Fortnite player. He has become like a celebrity today, seeing his skyrocketing popularity so rapidly.

News about Ninja is more often about something other than ingame. Rarely do you talk about gameplay or comments on Ninja streaming. Moreover, he also did not qualify for the Fortnite World Cup some time ago.

Until finally the news about Ninja’s achievements surfaced. Ninja just broke a streak of winning streaks for the duo in Fortnite. Playing with SoloMid’s player, Malachi “Reverse2k” Greiner, Ninja looks stunning.

Ninja and Reverse2k have recorded 43 consecutive wins. The duo actually made 29 win streaks on the first day of streaming, until the following day continued with an additional 13 then a record-breaking win.

Ninja and Reverse2k

The duo have started playing together since the last World Cup qualifiers. These 43 consecutive wins beat Siqqza ‘s previous highest streak of 42 wins. Then in third place there are M10 Pepper, M10 Harmii, and zRotation which made 40 consecutive wins.

Indeed, winning games is totally hard enough in Fortnite but it is harder to go on a long winning streak. As Ninja and Reverse2k achieved in Duos competition, they surely proved that everything in Fortnite will way easy after the world record for most duo wins in a row with 43.

They definitely won another eight games in a row but winning streak ended at 51 victories in a row which is so impressive no matter how you cut it up. All great things that you have to come to an end but they have cemented themselves in Fortnite history and the record will be hard one to beat at all.

To note that the record was achieved in regular lobbies but the implementation of the skill-based matchmaking is harder than it would have been a month ago. The lobbies will now match you up with the players which are at your skill level. While Ninja and Reverse were not destroying pros, the players they confronted were not slouches either.

For more information, they first began playing together during the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers which was competing as a team. They couldn’t secure a spot in the tournament together but they came within a few points of getting a place several times. Here, Reverse could qualify as a Solo but it would have been sweeter to do like Ninja.

To be a popular Fortnite player by playing with Ninja and competing in the World Cup, Reverse finally could join Team SoloMid’s star-studded Fortnite roster. Well, one predictable thing’s for certain, their future will be bright for the two players if they keep it up.

Other 3 records that you shouldn’t forget

The winning record somehow did not stand for long. As you may notice that the winning record will be different for certain Fortnite Cup. But the 3 records here tend to survive a lot longer than a few days. Here are the three records that you shouldn’t never forget:

1—Longest Solo win streak (R1)

Longest Solo win streak (R1)

Getting more than twenty wins in a row was supposed a heavenly achievement. For recent years, as the Fortnite has evolved and skill-level requirements have increased, well the players have reported longer win streaks.

Moreover, getting longer win streaks either in Duos or Squads matches is simpler as the players can do. According to Fortnite Trackerthe list of score streaks includes all modes with the second longest ‘Solos’ mode role is 50 underneath, at 57, with 27 consecutive wins.

2—Most kills in single match (Ranger)

Most kills in single match (Ranger)

In the middle of 2019, Ranger was recognized as a Solo game with 118 total kills. Ranger is a victorious Fortnite streamer who has 290 thousand followers on Twitch and 29.2 thousand subscribers on YouTube. Unfortunately, you can see that he could not win the match regardless of breaking the record.

3—Longest snipe (Titanium 900:Unconfirmed)

Even as this record is one of the most hard to affirm, various gamers were said to have shot longer than 200 meters with a sniper. gamers like Tfue had been recognized to have registered snipes from greater than 1400 meters away (1473, to be particular).

Similarly, we noticed Muselk back in 2018 sniping a person from extra than 1200 meters away. But, in the video that you can watch at, we see snipes which have been registered from greater than 500 meters away, which include Muselk’s 1231 meter shot.

Subsequently, there’s every other snipe with the aid of a Fortnite person called Titanium900 who appears to have hit a random sniper shot from a mountain top, but finally ends up removing someone 4124 meters away, which is sort of the complete period of the Fortnite map.

Despite the fact that there is no confirmation of the shot being real, it appears to be greater a count of good fortune than ability. but, if actual, it’s miles secure to say that no one else would be lucky sufficient to drag something like that off each time quickly.

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