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In Fortnite, every cosmetic has its rarity. There are some types of rarity in Fortnite including Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and some others. Now, how about the rarity of Mullet Marauder skin? This skin has a retro style and you may wonder the rarity of this skin. Let’s find out what the rarity of this skin is.

What is Rarity?

In Fortnite, rarity is a classification of weapons, traps, survivors and heroes and it depends on how powerful and rare they are in the game. But, for cosmetics, rarity can represent their uniqueness and creativity put into them. Also, it can represent the series that they are included in. There are some types of rarity in Fortnite and each rarity has its color. The rarity in Fortnite includes Handmade (White), Common (Grey), Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple), Legendary (Orange), Mythic (Gold), Marvel Series (Dark Red), Dark Series (Magenta), Transcendent (Light Red), DC Series (Grey blue), Icon Series (Cyan), Frozen Series (Light Blue), Lava Series (Dark Orange), Star Wars Series (Dark Blue and Yellow), Shadow Series (Black), and Slurp Series (Dark Cyan).

It is important for you to know that rarity for cosmetics does not matter because it does not give any competitive advantage even though several skins permit you to be able to blend in with the environment.

Usually, cosmetics which are uncommon costs 800 V-Bucks. For Rare cosmetics, usually the price is up to 1,200 V-Bucks. For Epic cosmetics, usually they cost up to 1,600 V-Bucks. Legendary cosmetics usually cost up to 2,000 V-Bucks.

What Is The Rarity of Mullet Marauder Skin in Fortnite?

Mullet Marauder skin has a retro style. But, is this skin has a special rarity? The rarity of this skin is Epic. Mullet Marauder skin is from Spandex Squad set. You may want to know the rarity of other cosmetics in this set. Here they are:

  • Aerobic Assassin Skin: Epic
  • Windbreaker Glider: Uncommon
  • Axercise Harvesting Tool: Uncommon
  • Boombox Back Bling: Epic
  • Back Plate Back Bling: Epic

There are a lot of other skins in Fortnite which are categorized into an Epic skin. Some of them are Abstrakt, Aerobic Assassin, Alpine Ace, Archetype, Bandolier, Battlehawk, Beef Boss, Beastmode, Blitz, Blue Striker, and many more.

About Mullet Marauder Skin

Mullet Marauder was released in Fortnite on August 12th, 2018. This skin costs 1,500 V-Bucks and you are able to buy this skin when it is listed in the Item Shop. This skin is a male skin and it has a retro style which can make you feel in 80s.

This skin wears a retro-styled blue and purple gym jacket. This skin also has a blonde long hair with a mustache. This skin also wears a sunglasses which is big. If you buy this skin, you will automatically get a Boombox back bling.

This skin is from Spandex Squad set and the other cosmetics in this set besides this skin are Aerobic Assassin skin, Windbreaker glider, Axercise harvesting tool, Boombox back bling, and Back Plate back bling.

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