Network Failure When Attempting to Check Platform Restrictions Fortnite

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Network failure that occurs in Fortnite is such a nightmare for every Fortnite player. Indeed, when the issue happens to Fortnite, of course, the players cannot launch and play Fortnite for a while or much longer. Certainly, it will have a big effect when in Fortnite you are completing some challenges or crucial battles at the same time.

Of course, the issue of Network failure totally can occur because of some factors within. Generally, the network failure is related to the players’ internet connection that does not work fast to load the Fortnite.

Then, the network failure in Fortnite can make the players unable to login to Epic Games account, finally they cannot play Fortnite. When you get this issue and try fixing your internet connection, but it still happens in Fortnite, it means that there is something wrong that happens in the Fortnite system.

The Fortnite system here is generally related to the new updates. In this case, when Epic Games added some patch notes to Fortnite, of course some players cannot launch Fortnite and play it. However, adding some patch notes to Fortnite is often done by Epic Games to improve the performance of Fortnite getting better.

Besides, the patch notes added to Fortnite is to fix the Fortnite system and drive the bugs out from Fortnite. In fact, as the hottest game in the world, Epic Games really want to maintain its position as one of the best game developers. So, the goal leads Epic Games to make the players still comfortable and fun to play Fortnite. For that reason, that’s why Epic Games regularly added some new updates to make the Fortnite better and better performance.

How to Fix Network Failure

Now, it is so important for you to look for the ways when you get the network failure when attempting to check platform restriction in Fortnite.

Well, we are here to guide you in fixing the issue. Here are the ways:

Way 1: To Remove Login Access of the WIFI Portal

To Enable PPPoE

Firstly, you must enable the PPPoE that can remove the login feature to access. Follow our steps below!

  • Login to your WIFI router.
  • Click on Basic Settings.
  • After that, you will see the option “Does your Internet connection require a login?”. Choose Yes. After that select PPPoE.
  • Enter the login, fill Username and Password.
  • Select your internet Connection Mode as Always On.

To Apply and Restart

The second step, you need to apply for the changes and restart your computer.

Way 2: To Reset the NAT Type

  • Firstly, login to your WIFI settings if you cannot login to Fortnite.
  • Indeed, login to WIFI settings is really important for you to reset NAT Type from Difficult to Moderate to East.
  • Generally, most of the WIFI Settings can be logged in with this IP Address: 192.168.15. or access this link
  • After you logged into your WIFI Settings, you have to find the UpnP option located under Settings depending what the router you’re using. After that, click on UPnP and turn off UPnP.
  • Then, you must turn on the default DMZ located in the WAN Setup and Settings Page.
  • After following those steps, it is time to apply for the changes to take effect.
  • Finally, restart your computer.

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