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Nickel Trios Fortnite

When you load the Fortnite on your Platform and then you go to the lobby, you will be shocked as the Nickel Trios suddenly appear on your lobby after you choose the Fortnite arena to start playing Fortnite. Then, you may wonder what exactly the Nickel Trios is. Let’s check it out!

What is Nickel Trios?

Many Fortnite players are surprised after seeing the Nickel Trios in their lobby when they’re starting to play Fortnite. Of course, most Fortnite players predictably guess that the Nickel Trios is one of the Fortnite competitive gamemode which will be coming soon to Fortnite. Indeed, the Nickel Trios is still disabled and you actually cannot fill this arena.

Nickel Trios Fortnite1

The Nickel Trios can be available when you set the MatchMaking Region to Auto (47MS). Once you set it, the Nickel Trios Arena will be shown in your Fortnite lobby. But, this arena is still off and you are not permitted to fill or change the settings of the Nickel Trios Arena.

In fact, Fortnite players really want to know how the Nickel Trios looks like and how to use it to play Fortnite. Unfortunately, for now, you definitely cannot click on the Nickel Trios Fortnite arena and see what the difference is from the default Trios arena which has been available in Fortnite.

The point is, the Nickel Trios is predicted as a new Fortnite arena gamemode which will allow the player to play in trios in this arena. So, let’s wait for the releases of Nickel Trios in the Fortnite lobby and see how the Nickel Trios looks like.

If you still wonder who to see the Nickel Arena in your lobby, you definitely can watch some YouTube videos shown below!

What is Fortnite Arena?

Arena in Fortnite means a competitive gamemode that you can find in Fortnite Battle Royale. Here, Arena can be played in Solo, Duo, Trios or Squads. Well, each takes place in competitive settings that means unlike Fortnite event and tournament which is enabled for the players to grab it.

How does the Fortnite Arena work?

Well, each takes place in competitive settings that means unlike Fortnite event and tournament which is enabled for the players to grab it. Apart from the Solo mode, Duos and Trios actually tend to rotate in and out with each season. Moreover, the rotation here is mostly based on the bigger events which Epic Games plans to introduce later in the specific season.

In Arena gamemode, the player has a rank which is represented by their division. Anyone can start in the Open League, Division One. They are able to rank up to Division 10 that is the Champion Division III by accepting points called HYpe depending on the number of eliminations they obtain and their placement in each match.

Here, obtaining a certain number of Hype points in several matches can allow the players to go to the next Division or League. The Fortnite Arena has 10 divisions, in total which is divided into Open, Contender and Champion League.

  1. Divisions One to Four – Open League
  2. Divisions Four to Seven – Contender League
  3. Divisions Eight to 10 – Champion League

Here, the players can get Hype in all divisions depending on the number of eliminations they obtain. For Solo and Trios, the Hype point you obtain for each of these will be the same. But, you should pay Hype in high divisions to play each match. Ranking of Fortnite Arena

The players will raise up their Division after they go past a certain HYpe threshold of the Division which they’re in. Here, the players should collect over 1,499 Hype points to jump out the Open Leagues. Moreover, the amount of Hype players obtain in each game based on their placements and total kill score.

Here’s how many Hype points in Arena Solo and Duos that the players obtain for their performance

Arena Solo

Open League Division 1

  • Bus Fare: 0
  • Reach Top 5: 30
  • Reach Top 25: 60
  • Victory Royale: 60
  • Reach Top 15: 30
  • Each Elimination: 20

Arena Duos

Open League Division 1

  • Bus Fare: 0
  • Reach Top 3: 30
  • Reach Top 12: 60
  • Victory Royale: 60
  • Reach Top 7: 30
  • Each Elimination: 10

The players totally get to keep the number of Hype Points that they have from one Division to another. The Divisions here are determined by the total number of HYpe points as the players have in the Arena. It will be shown below!

Open League

  • Division I (0 – 249 Hype points)
  • Division II (250 – 499 Hype)
  • Division III (500 – 999 Hype)
  • Division IV (1,000 – 1,499 Hype)

Contender League

  • Division I (1,500 – 2,499 Hype)
  • Division II (2,500 – 3,999 Hype)
  • Division III (4,000 – 5,999 Hype)

Champion League

  • Division I (6,000 – 11,999 Hype)
  • Division II (12,000 – 15,999 Hype)
  • Division III (16,000+ Hype)

About Arena Bus Fare

Bus Fare here is the Hype points that the players should pay to start a match in the Arena mode. This only presents starting from Division Four and the value increases until Division 10. It means that if a player pays the Bus fare and fails in getting the points in that match, they automatically will lose Hype equal to the bus fare after they go back to the lobby.

Although the player cannot be demoted from one division to another, of course the bus fare is still a good way to make sure everyone’s bringing their A-game. Here is the list of the bus fares for each Division in Solo and Trios.

Division bus fares (Hype loss)

  • Open I: No bus fare
  • Open II: No bus fare
  • Open III: No bus fare
  • Open IV: -10
  • Contender I: -20
  • Contender II: -30
  • Contender III: -40
  • Champion I: -60
  • Champion II: -60
  • Champion III: -70

Well, aside from the Nickel Trios gamemode, knowing all arena game modes in Fortnite is so very important. However, it can ease you when you have battle and choose one of the Fortnite arena for it. Is it true?

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