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Tyler Blevins who is more known as Ninja is the name of one of the most popular streamers in the world, and much of his success has to do with Fortnite. He is as phenomenal as the battle royale title. Now, after two and a half years of playing the game, the player says his wish is coming true: Ninja is the first Fortnite player to get his own Fortnite skin.

The rise of Fortnite has coincided with the rise of Ninja. While the player had a big following before the game exploded in popularity, he became the best known player of Fortnite and a megastar on Twitch (until he defected to Mixer). Now, the player will actually be a part of the game in which he truly made his name with his very own Fortnite skin.

The player named Ninja told the viewers about his payable, virtual twin during a Wednesday morning stream. He said that the thing happened and it is official when he finally got a Ninja skin in the game, in Fortnite. He did it.

If you want to use the skin, the sad news is that you are not able to purchase it now. The skin was only available for a limited time, between midnight on January 16 and 01:00 on January 19. If you want to see Ninja skin, you can try to check out Ninja and see if he is using his own skin now.

About his own Fortnite skin, Ninja said that the skin looks just like him. The character really sports his iconic, light blue hair and a sleek jacket with the Ninja logo printed on the sleeve. The skin has four variations, including one wilding two katanas. Along with the skin, there is also a Ninja themed pickaxe that comprises a pair of katanas, a back bling and an emote for his awful dance. The developer of Fortnite called Epic Games said that the addition of Ninja is the beginning of gaming, music, film, and fashion colliding in Fortnite under its new Icon Series. This one brings the real world personalities to Fortnite. The developer teased that the streamers named Loserfruit and The Grefg are among many that will be part of the series in the future.

Epic Games has a big plan and they do not stop at video games. They said that they will collaborate with not just gaming luminaries, but stars and personalities of all sorts, citing its previous collaborations with music artists like Marshmallow and Major Lazer. They also have teamed up with Disney in the pas, hosting Avengers and Star Wards themed events.

Actually, Epic Games is not the only publisher teaming up with big names and superstars. Last year, another popular game called League of Legends announced its own skins designed by luxury brand Louis Vuitton. It seems like Epic Games does not want to lose as they said it is just the beginning of games, music, film, and fashion colliding in Fortnite.

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