Ninja is Married to Another Twitch Streamer in Real Life. What’s Ninja’s Wife’s Name?

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As a fans of Ninja, definitely you already know well for the whole life of him either personal life or career in a game at once. The news about him exactly makes you know for his life at all. The latest news that explode recently is about his lovely wife. Many Fortnite players are so curious to know about his wife. So, who is she?

Ninja’s wife suddenly  becomes popular when she has married to Ninja. Certainly, it is so normal remembering she married with the most popular streamer in the world. We are not totally strange about Ninja career in Fortnite. As we have known that he mostly won for lots of Fortnite cup matches. So, knowing for his life is not wrong at all.

If you really want to know his wife, of course, it is really easy for you. Indeed, there are many information that explain about his wife. Then, in this chance, we also will share the news about his wife for detail.

There are many sources that inform about his life, the wife is no exception at all. Ninja’s wife is well-known as the influential gaming streamer too. Jessica Blevins is known as the Ninja’s wife’s name. She is 27 years old when becomes a wife of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. She is also a part of the managing team of “Ninja Team”.

More facts about her, evidently, Jessica Blevins was a maniac gamer for long time. She has started playing game at 5 years old. At that age, She got interest in gaming and found a fascination with video games using the medium that can connect to increase her skill when playing with other gamer.

Her love at gaming has bring throughout her life influencing for his career and love too. As we have known well that Ninja and Jessica surely met through the game that they played. Based on some sources, Jessica Blevins met her husband Tyler Blevins at a gaming tournament called Focus Fire Halo Tournament. In 2010, Jessica attended at a Halo Tournament asked by her boyfriend. But the relationship didn’t last long.

When she met Ninja, evidently he had still girlfriend, Jessica was recently single at the time. They kept professionally contact after tournament. But about three years later, they confirmed that they were dating. Moreover, they dated for several years with Tyler. Then, she was continuing to build his Twitch career along with Ninja. Formerly, she was focusing in her career as public relation and modeling. But further, she was dedicating her career and jobs for her husband.

Known that Jessica was graduated from bachelor’s degree in Interpersonal Communication and Public Relations. By her degree, she dedicated herself to support her husband in his career and has become a manager of Ninja team. Jessica is so humble and kind to give her time in supporting her husband in many goals.

Well, it is the hard work of the couple to keep giving support for each other both of career and loves.

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