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Do you already know the original constructor in Fortnite? That’s no wonder if you don’t know it yet. In fact, there are many Fortnite fans who do not also recognize who original constructors in Fortnite are, especially in Fortnite Save the World. So, you are not alone.

If you play Fortnite Save the World, you may already recognize a female named Penny. Then, if you are so curious to know who the original constructor in Fortnite is, of course, it will refer to Penny. Need to know that Penny is a female character that you can find in Fortnite Save the World. As her work, she represents the constructor class in the game.

Moreover, constructor is one of four classes in Fortnite Save the World. In this case, the constructor class can be called as a master with building tools even though it comes with the weakness of the slowest of all classes.

Now, you already know that the original constructor in Fortnite is Penny.

Well, you may wait for it for a long time in which Epic Games finally releases Penny skin to Fortnite. The Penny skin can be used in Fortnite Save the World as leaked before and thought to be usable in the future.

As we know that there are tons of skins that you can choose in Fortnite. But, when the Penny skin is leaked, certainly it seems a breakthrough of Epic Games to release different cosmetics which come from one of the characters from Fortnite Save the World.

Before the Penny skin releases, Epic Games tweets using some icons containing a female construction worker, a shopping cart and tools. You can see the tweet on August 12, 2020 at 7.00 PM. The tweet has more than 61K likes and 9.3K comments.

Of course, from this tweet, many Fortnite fans guess that Epic Games probably will hit Fortnite with a shocking thing. Then, this thing is such a purchasable item symbolized by a shopping cart icon. The Fortnite players certainly wait for this leak.

Then, what is this shocking thing?

Indeed, there is also a caption that says “The original constructor joins the battle field”. Finally, the Fortnite fans are already shocked with Penny skin released to Fortnite. The launch of Penny skin is named “Penny Tease” that pretty much confirmed by Epic Games.

Penny is a Rare Fortnite skin which is currently available in Fortnite Item Shop. This skin comes from a female who carries a construction tool on her left hand. She features with a leather jacket and black pants and shirt. She also wears a brown thick belt around his waist. Penny skin can be mentioned as an anti-mainstream skin in Fortnite.

Then, if you want to buy this Penny skin, you surely have to spend about 1,200 V-Bucks. On August 14, 2020, the Penny skin is first available in Fortnite Item Shop.

So, if Penny skin is available again in the future, of course, you should make a purchase soon to get this skin. In fact, the skin is so rare and it probably will disappear soon from the Fortnite shop.

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