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Zone Wars can be described as the name of the creative game mode in Fortnite, where the players drop in with random weapons and battle against others until there is only one left standing. They shave been added to the game, along with the confirmed list of the challenges and rewards for fans to take a look at. In the past, it was not clear as to when they would land, but just 4 days after the leak was first revealed, they were added to the title.

There are 6 challenges of Fortnite Zone Wars. Those include play Zone Wars matches (x5), get eliminations in Zone Wars matches (x10), deal damage to opponents with Assault Rifles in Zone Wars (x1,000), deal damage to enemies with some Shotguns in Zone Wars (x1,000), earn Health or Apply Shields in Zone Wars (x500), and build structures in Zone Wars (x250).

Ahead of the latest update, a number of the new skins and cosmetics were leaked ahead of time, some of which have now been confirmed to be included in the rewards for completing the challenges mentioned above.

For those who are wondering how to play Zone Wars, you can simply jump into Fortnite and go over to the Zone Wars Creative LTMs. There are 4 different maps available to choose from, including Colosseum, Downhill River, Vortex, and Desert.

The Zone Wars Desert was created by JotaPeGame. You can make your way through a small desert town to the final circle. There are a diverse set of weapons and mobility allowed for unique gameplay and lots of replayability.

Talking about Zone Wars Desert, there is a thing called the Zone Wars code Desert. The Zone Wars code Desert that was created for Zone Wars Desert. It is the 12-digit code to load the island at the portal. You might find more than one Desert Zone wars codes. If you are confused and want to the know the original one, it is 7385-7056-1889. This code was created by JotaPeGame. It is the code for Desert Zone Wars version 1.0 with real storm.

For those who want to load the content, please open up Fortnite and follow these following steps. The first thing that should be done is to start a Creative Server. Then, look for the feature called Island Rift that is located in the Creative Hub approach. The next thing that should be done is to enter the code, which is 7385-7056-1889.

For the detail information of the original Desert Zone Wars code, do not hesitate to visit the official website of Epic Games. If you have something to ask regarding the original Desert Zone Wars code, it is better for you to join the community of Fortnite to seek the answer of your question. That kind of place is such a best place to visit for everyone who loves Fortnite and wants to know more about everything about Fortnite. You are able to discuss with the members of the community freely.

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