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Fortnite Perfect Shadow is the name of the Shadow Series Fortnite skin. The goal of him is perfection and he finally achieved it. The power of him is now immeasurable and you would not want to get in his way. Fortnite Perfect Shadows is one of the recolored skins that is actually an improvement to the original one. The skin now lives up to his name.

Cosmetic Information:

  • Rarity: Shadow Series
  • Type: Outfit
  • Availability: Bundle
  • Categories: Male

Fortnite Perfect Shadow comes with the Shadows Rising Pack. Shadows Rising Pack is known as an Epic Fortnite Bundle. The thing called the Shadows Legends Pack is the name of the upcoming bundle that will include three skins from the past that have been given a darker look to them. Aside from that, this one will also include a wrap, and three back blings. The skins included in this pack are based on some things like Skully, Sunbird, and Cloaked Shadow. It will costs you $19.99 USD.

There is a competition in the season that everyone will has to wear the Shadow Rising Pack. It the pack includes some cosmetics such as Shadow Skully Skin, Stark Satchel Back Bing, Shadowbird Skin, Shadowbird Wings Back Bing, Perfect Shadow Skin, Perfect Wings Back Bing, and Array Wrap. Perfect Wings Back Blings are the wispy furls of the wings that akin to the whisper of lost souls in the night. The Array Warp is the one black and white array that can give guns and weapons that minimalistic but stylish look. Please keep in mind that all of them are in Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite Creative mode only.

If you want to see the photo of Fortnite Perfect Shadow, the best place that you can visit is no one than the official website of Epic Games. Aside from that, the other recommended sites include Wiki and Pro Games Guides. In those sites, you will be able to find the photo of Fortnite Perfect Shadows in highest resolution. If you want to see the PNG format of the photo, please go to the Pro Gamer Guides.

For those who love the kind of black and white Fortnite skin like Fortnite Perfect Shadows, you might also want to know the other Fortnite skins that have similar vibe. There are a few similar skin that has the same vibe as Fortnite Perfect Shadows. Some of them are Shadow Archetype, Shadowbird, Shadow Ark, Shadow Skully and so on. Shadow Skully is the name of the Shadow Series Fortnite skin from the Skull and Bows set. Shadowbird is the name of the Shadow Series Fortnite skin from the Sun Soldiers set. Shadow Archtype is the name of the Shadow series Fortnite skin from the Archetype set. This one has been leaked and is currently unreleased, but many people hope that it will be available in the near future. Shadow Ark is the name of the Shadow Series Fortnite skin from the Ethereal Struggle set. It is female skin.

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