Playstation Fortnite Tracker Unblocked at School

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Recently, you may have tried to access Fortnite Tracker at school but then you see that it is blocked. You must be sad because of this since you want to access it on your school just for a while. It seems that your school does not permit you to be able to access the site on the device. So, how to solve this problem? Is there any way to get Fortnite Tracker unblocked?

Actually, there are several methods that you are able to do to unblock the pages that have been deliberately blocked. However, we do not recommend you to do this because your school must have reasons why they do not want their students to access Fortnite Tracker sites. Once again, this is just for information only not for being done.

To be able to unblock the Fortnite Tracker, you are able to use a VPN, Google Chrome Incognito mode or a web proxy. How to do each of these methods? You are able to read the explanation of each method below.

Using Google Chrome Incognito Mode

It is known to bypass subscription only sites. If you want to do this method, you are able to click on the three dots that you are able to find in the top right of your browser and then you have to click on New Incognito Window before you load up the URL.

Using A VPN

You are able to access a VPN website. It is able to mask your IP address and trick the PC into thinking that you are somewhere else. This may be the most complicated of the methods and also it will rely on you being able to download the software into the PC which can get you in a heap of trouble.

Using A Web Proxy

This method is able to be claimed as the easiest method. The thing that you have to do is typing in ‘web proxy’ into Google in your browser and then there will be a lot of sites which permits you to just type in the web page you are after. If you use this method, it can hide your location and permit you to be able to trick the webpage into thinking you are in another location.

If you have used one of these methods, usually you are able to access the Fortnite Tracker again so that you are able to see your stats and your leaderboard progress in the Battle Royale game. As you are able to see that the methods above can be done in PC. How about in the other devices like PlayStation? You can do the same way if it is possible. But if not, you are able to ask other Fortnite players to unblock the Fortnite Tracker on the other devices.

Talk about Fortnite Tracker, there are a lot of sites of it that you can find in the internet. One of them is Fortnite Stats. This site is a player statistics tracker for Battle Royale game and you are able to search any player by entering Epic username and then see their kill count, win or death ratio, total matches played and the other interesting stats on Fortnite.

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