Prestonplayz Fortnite Dropper with Josh

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Fortnite Dropper refers to the name of the map. There are three maps related to Fortnite Dropper. The first one is The Dropper. The Dropper is a map with visuals effects. It was created by urnicepeople. The code of this mapis 7953-2066-3594. The second one is called Mega Dropper. The author of this one is also UrNicePeople. It a a giant dropper map. The code of it is 3453-5549-4380. The third one is also Mega Dropper by UrNicePeople. Just like the second one, it is also a giant dropper map. The code of this map is 0354-7183-9022.

Aside from that Fortnite Dropper can also refer to Low Gravity Dropper 4.0. The Low Gravity Dropper can be described as a map by iaremicah that has been a part of Fortnite Creative for a while, but this new version is one of the best Droppers the players have seen in months. In the map, you have to fall down from the incredible heights and avoid obstacles as you plummet to the ground. The rainbow aesthetic of it increases the challenge level, as it does just enough to mess with your eyes. Actually, this map code is not incredibly complicated, but considering there are not many new Droppers releasing these days, it may be worth your time. The code of the map is 5195-6623-8449.

Talking about the Droppers, one of the popular Youtubers and Fortnite players named Preston or Prestonplays loves to play it with his little brother named Josh or Joshua. There is a video of his playing in this map with his brother. You are able to find the video on the Youtube channel owned by Preston named PrestonMobile. the video was uploaded on June 10, 2019. Since the first time its release, it has gained 1,424,098 views and 13k likes.

In the video, Preston or Prestonplays plays Rainbow Dropper Challenge with Josh. Prestonplays playing on mobile, while his little brother, Josh, gets to play on computer. At first, Josh keeps following Preston. Preston says that playing on his mobile is hard compared when he is using his computer. He is landed on the edge more than once. Controlling the game is hard when he uses his iPad. Even though he keeps whining that the thing is hard, he manages to slays all the time. Josh does not believe how does Preston keeps winning, he thinks Preston is a cheater who does not play on mobile. Hearing that, Preston asks Josh to come to his room and prove by himself that Preston is really playing on mobile.

Another obstacle of Preston is the battery of his iPad. He does not plug in the charger so his iPad is in danger, meaning his life depends on the low battery. In the end, Preston still wins and Josh takes his lost to the mobile player. Seeing Prestonplays and his little brother, Josh, play Rainbow Dropepr challenge is fun. Please watch the video if you want to know more.

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