Prestonplayz Fortnite with Josh Snipers

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Prestonplayz Fortnite with Josh Snipers refers to a video uploaded by TBNRFrags. The video was uploaded on December 27, 2017. Since the first time its release, it has been watched 484,036 times and has 9,1k likes.

Actually, the title of the video is 3 Legendary Snipers vs 1 Player! (Fortnite Battle: Royale). In the video, Prestonplayz plays Fortnite Battle Royale with Lachlan, not his little brother named Josh or Joshua.

For those who do not have any slightly idea, Lachlan Ross Power or Lachlan is a gaming Youtuber who is mostly known for his Fortnite videos, although he had previously been successful in Pizelmon, How to Minecraft and Pokemon GO series. The channel of him was primarily focused around Pokemon GO in 2016 into mid 2017 but has since shifted to Fortnite. Currently, the Youtuber uploades daily Fortnite videos.

In Minecraft, he was a blonde-haired male, wearing a red hoodie, but after a while of playing Fortnite, he came back to the game and changed it to an elf, similar to Codename E.L.F. skin in Fortnite. The nicknames of him include JagBattleDuty, The Lanchers, and Little Lanchy. He is a good friend of PrestonPlayz, as well as NoochM, BajanCanadian, JeromeASF, LazarBeam, Vikkstar123, Woofless, Muselk, and many other ones.

The game that Preston and Lanchlan play is fun but a bit weird at the same time. it is really fun watching them playing, to the point you will not be able to close your eyes even just for a second as it is really fun. If you want to see how fun they play this weird game, it is better for you to watch the video directly on his Youtube channel. If you have any questions for them, do not hesitate to leave a comment on the comment section below the video. If neither Preston nor Lanchlan reply to you, the fellow users who watch the video might help you.

Sniper is a long range weapon that tend to pack a powerful punch. There are some kinds of sniper that can be chosen based on trade offs. The first one is Bold Action. This one has higher damage, but lower fire rate and reload speed. The second one is Semi Automatic. This one has higher capacity, quicker fire and reload, but the lowest damage. The third one is Hunting Rifle. This one has moderate stats, but has no scope. The fourth one is Heavy Sniper. This one has extremely high damage, but takes four seconds to reload. The fifth one is Automatic Sniper Rifle. This one has an automatic fire rate. The sixth one is Storm Scout Sniper Rifle. This one has a storm detector that allows the player to determine the next storm circle ahead of time.

Snipers or Sniper Rifles are definitely the best for long range combat. The main reason behind it is because they are accurate from far away. All of them are perfect for the early game, but as the storm gets closer, it may not be ideal to have it.

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