Prestonplayz with Josh Fortnite 1v1

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The term Fortnite 1v1 refers to 1v1 Build Fights or The Jungle. This one is the name of the map. It is one of the most popular in all of Fortnite Creative, and this new offering by pandvil features a lot of quality of life features that make it an absolute joy to play.

All the matches in the map will start automatically, height reset clears builds for the next fight and elimination messages inform the players who has won. Usually, 1v1 build fight maps use the manual switches and buttons in order to make this stuff happen, but this experience is almost fully automatic. Fortnite 1v1 is all about smooth gameplay, and The Jungle has features to make sure nothing else gets in the way.

For those who want to try entering Fortnite 1v1, the code of the map is 4488-6435-8426. Before playing in this map, it is better for you to watch some guide or some experiences of the other players playing in this map. One of the most popular is the video owned by TBNRFrags. This video is about a popular Youtuber named Prestonplayz or just Preston who plays Fortnite 1v1 with his little brother named Joshua or Josh. He and his brother are going to queuing up in duos. Whoever gets the most kills out of two individual games is the winner of 5,000 bucks prize. Preston says that Josh will win because he is 12 years old and he does not have money. If Josh does not win, he will give him some bucks for his little brother. Who do you think will win the Fortnite 1v1 match? In order to find out the answer to the question, please watch the video on Youtube.

The video of Prestonplayz with Josh Fortnite 1v1 was uploaded on June 24, 2018. Since the first time its release, it has been gained 4.393.196 views and 47k likes. In the video, both Preston and Josh try so hard to win the match. Even though Josh is 12, he has so many excuses. It is really fun to watch so it is better for you to watch it directly from the Youtube channel.

Fortnite 1v1 is named as one of the best maps. Aside from that, some other ones are Ruined Remains 2.0 (5636-1824-2208), Gun Fight: Black Forest (9546-5724-7030), Low Gravity Dropper 4.0 (5195-6623-8449), Find the Button (Really Hard) 2 (9267-9378-7519), Super Mansu World (1597-9533-7823), and so on.

All of the maps are interesting and fun to enter. The Fortnite 1v1 is preferable by many as they think it is the most fun. Feel free to try any map code that you want. to make it more fun, it is better for you to invite your friend to the map, just like what Prestonplay always does with Josh or his friends. For more information about Prestonplayz with Josh Fortnite 1v1, once again, please watch the video on Youtube. If you want to know more about Fortnite 1v1, please read a lot.

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