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The trending news about Fortnite evidently has shocked the world. One of the prominent members of the British royal family in London in fact has revealed to the world that Fortnite should be better to ban.

Who was he?

If you are always keeping track of many news updates about Fortnite, we guess that you really know what the Fortnite case had time to become trending. As a Fortnite fan, you surely want to know anything about the whole of Fortnite. Of course, it is totally normal for you to remember Fortnite can be called one of the hottest video games in the world. So, there will be a lot of trending news about this popular game.

Back to the trending news about Fortnite that happened in British. For some time ago, according to The Daily Express, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex was revealed for the ban of the popular battle royale game, that’s Fortnite. From this case, Prince Harry called out Epic Games as Fortnite developer saying that the Fortnite game should not be allowed anymore. He totally revealed his words at an event at a YMCA in west London.

Why did Prince Harry want Fortnite banned?

At least, there are many reasons why he really wants to ban Fortnite. His reasons explain as follow:

  • He thought that Fortnite was created to addict. The addiction here means to keep anyone in front of a computer or another device as long as possible. So, it was so irresponsible at all.
  • The Fortnite shows the kind of a lawsuit for its loot boxes target with some having been accused of being predators in real life. Besides, anyone will be addicted to it and suppose that being a bad person is common.
  • Fortnite will cause addiction especially for children. So, the children live individually and tend to be anti-social people. Even farther the children will know the outside of the world.
  • Playing games will impact seriously on issues of mental health. Anyone who cannot control their time in playing games will place them in dangerous health because while playing games many people tend to forget their meals, to do sport, and anymore.
  • Fortnite is more dangerous than social media because it is normalized and there are no restrictions to it. He continued his words that without human connection, you will not go anywhere when you get any problems. Then, the first place that you will take is to go online without socializing with humans.

Those are some reasons why Prince Harry totally wanted to ban one of popular battle video games from apps. He also added that social media and many kinds of games were more addictive than drugs and alcohol.

Of course, this reveals totally added to a growing debate among governments, health workers and some groups about whether playing a game can be harmful to health.

Certainly, there are many people in the world, especially games that really regret using his words that relate to ban Fortnite. In fact, there are also many gamers who accept any advantages from the existence of Fortnite in the gaming industry.

Watch what Prince Harry said on this video:

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