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Will PS5 use the 120FPS?

Certainly, many gamers also are curious to know this fact. However, there is a rumor in which the Fortnite will be available with 120FPS on PS5. If it is right, of course, it is such good news for every gamer. With 120FPS, definitely it will show the game smoother visually.

If you are a pro-gamer, you really know the great FPS which is usually used in games and devices as you use it. In this case, the great FPS which is recommended for the game is about 60FPS and 120FPS. It means that the higher FPS you use, it will make your game visually smoother.

Of course, as the pro-gamer, you will choose the great console with the higher FPS to make your game more real and smoother. That can be the reason why pro-gamers are selective in choosing the console to play a game.

In this case, FPS have a big influence for gamers in visuals. If the visual is smooth, of course, it will be a mood booster for the gamer to play the game more spiritedly. Meanwhile, if the visual is bad, the gamer automatically cannot get any great experience in playing a game.

To add your knowledge about FPS in gaming, we are going to show the FPS ratings that will show below!

  • 30 FPS: It is the most common framerate in the majority of console games. But it is some low-end PSc. It is also mentioned as a bare minimum for a game to be playable.
  • 60 FPS: It is only achievable on console by certain well than 30 FPS. This is also the maximum framerate displayable by regular Tvs and monitors.
  • 120 FPS: It is noticeably smoother than 60 FPS. It is a recommended FPs for gamers to make the visual better and smoother.
  • 240 FPS: It is peak framerate that we hope to reach it today. However, the FPS can only be displayed on 240Hz refresh rate monitors.

So, choosing the great console to play a Fortnite is really a must for you.

Now, the next-gen console will be coming to help the players playing Fortnite smoother in visual.

This next-gen console will answer your needs in playing Fortnite. PS5 now presents as the next-gen console to give a chance for Fortnite players to play better in visual.

With its releases, PS5 will offer HDMI 2.1 support that includes the high specifications for 60FPS and 120FPS. Definitely, 120FPS support gaming will make the player safer and get a more gorgeous visual game.

Sony has explicitly mentioned that PS5 will release during Holiday Season which will be between October to December.

Here are the main features of PS5:

  • 3D Audio
  • 8K gaming and 4K at 120Hz
  • 120FPS support
  • Ray-tracing technology
  • Adaptive triggers
  • SSD to improve load speeds and faster updates


About the price, there is no official announcement confirmed by the company. But, a predication price of PS4 as the past console can be a parameter. As we have known that PS4 started at around $399/£349. Then, PS5 predictably will be a bit expensive but it is closer to that range. The rumours of PS5 price will be starting around $499.

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