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As we know that the PS5 reveal event arrived yesterday. Of course, you probably got some more detailed information on how this new console will affect the world’s largest game, that’s Fortnite.

On PS5, Fortnite maybe will look different because the updated software and hardware will give the players a new and more unforgettable experience. With increased frame rates and resolution on PS5, absolutely you will get a slight benefit in competitive games like Fortnite. So, it is no wonder if many gamers prefer to choose this console to play Fortnite.

In fact, PS5 releases with an awesome feature called the new DualShock 5 controller. Certainly, this will give the player a benefit. But for Fortnite, we still wait for the next information about the Fortnite controller.

The PS5 reveal event show for the controller that includes;

  • Controller News
  • Controller Leak
  • Controller Colours,
  • Controller Design,
  • Controller Specs
  • Controller Black
  • Controller Paddles
  • Controller Video
  • Controller Features
  • Controller Screen
  • Controller Price
  • Controller Released Date
  • Controller Between PS4 and PS5

Certainly, if you attend for live streaming on PS5 reveal event, you will know everything about PS5 in the bundle, and what you will get on PS5.

Then, did Fornite confirm for PS5? Of course, the answer is yes. Fortnite will be coming to this Next Gen. It has been confirmed during Epic Games stic=nt at Summer Games Fest. Definitely, we now know that the world’s biggest game will appear on PS5 and also on Xbox Series X.

With PS4 releases, Fortnite optimised to take the benefit of this new features both of hardware and software on next- gen consoles. Fortnite emphasizes that it is not a new version of Fortnite, but it talks about advantages that Fortnite will get on this console.

To take the advantage on this Next-Gen, Fortnite totally will be more powerful that improves both visuals and performances. The version of Fortnite released on the next-gen consoles which will be built with Unreal Engine 4 at its launch. It will be migrated to Unreal Engine 5 in mid-2021.

How does Fortnite gameplay on PS5?

There is a little gameplay of any title that has been confirmed for PS5. Definitely, we suspect that Fortnie will release on PS5 some in the coming months.

Talking about PS5 bundles for Fortnite, definitely we can emphasize that you can get PS5 bundles from retailers. In this case, we predicate that you will get PS5 bundles including PS5 hardware and software too.

We hope that Sony will continue the tradition to give the PS5 bundles coming with physical copies that can add the essential resale value.

In this case, we really are not surprised anymore to see Sony give in and go the same way with PS5 pre-order bundles.

So, we have to wait for PS5 Fortnite bundles that Sony will give to us.

To see the trailer of Fortnite on PS5, we guess that fortnite will be giving the PS5 gameplay trailer in the coming months. So, keep your eyes peeled on any official Fortnite social media accounts.

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